Strolling along Canal St. Martin - Paris, France

24 September 2014 Canal Saint-Martin, Paris, France

Was watching bits of Amélie last night to reminisce the sights and sounds of Paris (not that the movie was reflective about my time in Paris lol!) and of course, here's a tribute to the famed scene of Audrey Tautou skimming/skipping rocks at the Canal St-Martin before I continue with the rest of my blog post with my pictures of the canal accompanied by other stuff in the 19th.

Screen grab from Youtube
I did not have the opportunity to spend much time in the 19e arrondissement in Paris during my 3 months there, but I did manage to have a nice walk around the area and along the stretch of the canal. It could be because the 19th is more of a residential area, it was comparatively (to 3e or 4e) quite happening during a sunday afternoon. People chilling by the canal, having some quality couple or family time, little kids riding by in their mini scooters while their parents stroll behind, and teenagers/youths hanging out in bars and eateries(Yes, I was also surprised that they were open on a sunday!! ) chit-chatting over a cup of coffee.

Then again, there is something quiet and special about the canal. Walking along it, seeing the reflections of buildings and trees as well as observing the colours and designs of the street art along the walls of buildings, all contributed to a very enjoyable relaxed sunday!

I think the graffiti/street art, rustic buildings and its architecture surrounding the canal, and the calm waters that so beautifully reflect the surrounding all really added to the whole atmosphere.
Oh! we even had the opportunity to watch a boat attempt to move through the canal (dams opening to allow water levels to even out - sorry no pictures because we were busy figuring out why the boat was there in the middle of a canal haha!)
The different areas of paris do have its own distinct charm and 19e definitely has a different look and feel from the usual touristy areas in the central of paris. 

Hope everyone's having a great day!

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