La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

31 October 2014 La Sagrada Familia, Carrer de Mallorca, 401, 08013 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Prior to going to Barcelona, Jerald told me "We HAVE to go to the church." Barcelona has many pretty churches, but I knew the church he was referring to, was THE Sagrada Familia. There was no question about it.  
Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, everyone who visits Barcelona will make sure that this gothic architecture wonder created by Gaudi is on their travel itinerary. 

It's best to pre-book your tickets before going to the venue that way, you get to skip the long queues! Plus tickets get snapped up pretty quickly, so remember to at least book 2-3 days in advance if you have a fully packed itinerary.

Walking towards La Sagrada Familia, you first notice that the building is in the midst of being constructed. It will officially be done in 2026 - an excuse to go back! I would say from afar, the exterior of it was not as impressive as I expected (partly because its not done yet! I can just imagine how marvellous it would be when it is) But when you get closer to the church, the details are FREAKING AMAZING. 

I'm not very well-versed in architecture, but I just love how intricate the carvings are and how so much thought is placed into designing - where each statue goes, the different curves and textures.  Maybe that's why I love looking at gothic style buildings. Never fails to leave me wondering "omg, what... where... how do people do this!!!"

The interior of the church is absolutely beautiful. The way light leaks through the stain glass windows, the way the stain glasses were designed and put together. It was ethereal. I kept taking photos again and again, and deleting some of them, because it was so hard to capture an image that does justice to the place. 

I was fascinated by the design of everything. This includes the stairwells - which sadly we couldn't climb up due to the construction - and the ceiling. I walked into so many people because I was just looking up towards the ceiling most of the time.

Purchasing the ticket to visit the main building of the Sagrada Familia also gives you access to one of the Towers - we went to the Passion Tower. You can choose your entrance timing to the tower  when you purchase your tickets online depending on how long you think you'll spend in the main sanctuary of the church / admiring the exterior.

I'd say give yourself an hour in the main sanctuary before going up. You're still allowed to hang around the area as long as you want after coming down from the tower!

Going up the tower lets you get a closer look at the details of the building. Plus you get an awesome view of Barcelona from the top! Its a place everyone should visit. Despite it being a touristy place, I'd say its not as crowded as other famous tourist attractions in Europe, and it is definitely not to be missed!

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