Admiring Streets and Architecture - Prague, Czech Republic

12 February 2015 Prague, Czech Republic

The great thing about Prague is that everything is within walking distance. Not to mention, there is something attractive and interesting in every corner.
I love cities with unique architecture like these. Its so interesting how central europe's architecture differs so much from the west.
Prague is probably the most charming city i've visited in Europe - no offence to Paris or London. We all know I absolutely love Paris, and I probably ALWAYS will, but Prague, with its pretty streets, wide river, quirky old town, pastel coloured buildings, and AWESOME panoramic views, I couldn't help but fall in love.

Architecture is my number 1 weakness. Streets that look different. Special. Colourful. I'm sold.
Maybe its because I grew up in Singapore where housing estates all look pretty much identical, I find myself being drawn to places where the streets are different from one another.

Considering I'm not super well versed in architecture, and I don't exactly know the different eras and influences, I can't say what I specifically like about each and every building. All I can say is, it is DIFFERENT, and it makes me happy to see cities where each street looks different, houses on the streets are not identical, different colours, different textures, and yet everything is still in a way harmonious.

Mini-Story #1: This is the coolest clock i've ever seen. It was first installed in 1412 which makes it... 603 years old. This Astronomical Clock shows not only the sun and moon phases but it also has the zodiac and star sign readings on it. On the bottom of the clock, there are 365 names, one for each day of the year, which is sort of like a name recommendation for people who gave birth that day. What I liked the most were the figurines beside the clock. At each hour, they move when the clock chimes. The figurine on the top left holding a mirror will shake its head, representing that beauty is not everlasting, one of the other figurines represent greed, and that greed will lead to human's down fall, and the Skeleton on the top right, would nod, representing we're one hour closer to death, and that life is finite. 
So much thought placed in one clock.

The view of the river, the hill on one side, the colours of the houses and the Prague castle from far away, never failed to impress me. Every day I was there, walked past the river at least twice, and I would stop to take photographs of it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Mini-Story #2: This windows were the 2 windows where they threw people out of them as an act of punishment. Giving rise to the term Defenestrations of Prague. It was not a very high window, probably 2 stories high? According to the walking tour guide, the first time people were thrown out of the window and they placed spikes on the ground. The second time, people were thrown into a pile of dunk, as an act of rebellion and they didn't intend to kill.

In the centre of Prague, there was also a huge christmas tree and market, with the fairytale like church (supposedly the one that inspired Walt Disney - or so people say) glowed in the background.
Not only is the city centre beautiful, at night, by the river, you get to see the colours and lights from the buildings on the other side reflected onto the water. Perfect for a quiet night stroll.

Prague is indeed magical. I enjoyed myself so much during my time there. I can even declare Prague the most beautiful european city i've been to thus far. Many may disagree (and claim paris/amsterdam/london etc. to be the most beautiful), but there is no doubt that Prague is on the list of most beautiful european cities.
Maybe it was the company, maybe it was the 3 full days of perfect weather, maybe it was because it was the first central europe city i've been, but to me, Prague is incredibly charming and romantic.
Plus, its significantly cheaper in terms of cost that the western european cities. Prague is a MUST VISIT.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and the little stories (and my incessant gushing about how Prague is  "beautiful". Thank you for reading ;)

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