Chillin' By the Monument - Leipzig, Germany

4 February 2015 Monument to the Battle of the Nations, Straße des 18. Oktober 100, 04299 Leipzig, Germany


A memorial of the 1813 Battle of the Nations. The place we spent the morning at, but I for the life of me cannot pronounce it's name.
For the morning of the 2nd half of the day, we decided to take a 20 minute tram ride out to visit the 91m high monument.

It was an EXTREMELY windy day that day, and since I enjoy climbing up tall monuments to get a bird's eye view of the city, thats exactly what we did. As we climbed up the building the winds seemed to get stronger and stronger. When we got to the top, the winds were so strong, my hair was in a permanent state of medusa, flipping and flapping all over my face but, the view was good! At the top of the monument, the walls were pretty high, so to get a good view/picture, I had to stand up on a stone slab placed on the ground. Every time i got up, I made sure to hold on to the edge of the wall for the fear of being blown away by the wind. IT WAS THAT STRONG.

When we got to the monument, we were given the option of getting an audio guide for a fee, I concluded that "It's a monument, there will definitely be some form of explanation along the way, lets just save that money." And so we decided against getting the audio guide, and I WAS WRONG. The monument had no explanation whatsoever, so J and I turned to WIKIPEDIA.

That being said, I really adored the large stone statues and the general peacefulness that surrounds you when you step into the monument. It was very dimly litted, and this one level was called the Singer's Hall, where you literally hear some form of mellow music. In my memory, that was how it was like. Hopefully I was not imagining or hallucinating all of that!

I don't know much about the 1813 Battle of the Nations, but this monument is just such a calming place, I think it was definitely a good visit.

Not to mention, the surrounding was just breathtaking with the large pond in the centre, nicely lined trees and gorgeous tall lalangs. It was such a serene place, and made for an amazing morning stroll.

Here's me trying to unknot my hair half the time. 

After visiting the memorial, we took a short walk to a cemetery nearby, and it was just BEAUTIFUL. Even though there was no one around, it didn't feel like a cemetery or that it was creepy. There were neat rows of tombstones lined up all the way to the front of the church, and we just walked by it looking at the different names and realising they were mostly from the same family, and that people with the same last name had their tablets side by side.
I think its heart warming to see such beautiful cemeteries. Chinese/Asians have the perception that cemeteries are haunted or spooky, and we see how creepy they usually look in shows, but I was so pleasantly surprised by this cemetery, and how well maintained the trees were. It feels like a nice great place for the spirit to rest. Cemeteries should all look as peaceful and nice like this.

If you're a european history buff and have knowledge of the battle of the nations, I think this monument is a must visit. However, if you don't have a clue, REMEMBER TO TAKE THE AUDIO GUIDE.  My 36 hours spent in Leipzig was really enjoyable. Even though I didn't do much sight seeing or go to many different attractions, it was fun to eat at different nice cafes and just to walk around the city and go where the wind would take you (almost literally sometimes!)

The great thing about a less touristy city like Leipzig is you really get to experience the charm of the city without being bombarded and shoved around by hoards of people. Also, you don't have to constantly be on the go, taking it slow is definitely a good thing once in a while!

Stay tuned for my upcoming posts about Prague!

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