MASH UP: White Fluffy Cardigan

23 February 2015

Just a backstory. All the images in this posts are actually shot in the same area - of course not on the same day since I’m dressed differently and these are the outfits I wear to school/to go out.
Ever since I walked pass this small alley near my hall, I've always told myself to come back in the day and take some photographs in the area. This place reminded me of Rue Cremieux in Paris with its pastel shades. I love how the houses are painted in different colours, streets like these always puts a smile on my face. What's more, I've really been missing my life in Paris. Whenever I walked by these houses, just for that brief moment, I am transported back to Paris (although, not rue cremieux), and I feel like a happier person. For that moment, I forget the fact that just behind this alley is Imperial College, where my soul cries in engineering lectures (ok, fine, I'll stop being melodramatic).

Anyway, I initially got this white sweater (due to the SALE!) with the intention of wearing it in Spring, because all my coats are dark coloured and I figured I would need something light when the weather gets warmer. But, I decided to hop on the "yeti"-winter-look bandwagon and take this sweater out. I don't particularly like wearing so many layers (because I'm not quite used to it, since I come from 30degrees Singapore), but the white sweater was compressible, and it didn't bunch up or feel bulky. Which came as a pleasant surprise considering it looks thick and fluffy!

The good thing is, this white colour cardigan will still be useful when the weather gets warmer! I can’t wait to wear it with patel coloured/lighter colour clothes in the spring. Definitely going to pack this in my luggage when I head for Scandinavia in april! A soft cardigan like this feels like a pillow. You wouldn’t expect it to be soft - well I didn’t, especially since it was from Primark, and Primark isn’t exactly known for its quality. I like the weight and the material of this cardigan especially since it does not feel scratchy AT ALL and it doesn't leave fluff balls all around when I wear it. Guess I lucked out at Primark! ;)

Thats enough blabber about the cardigan - sorry to those who have no interest in clothes. As I was saying before, this place really reminded me of my time in Paris. And, I happen to have a theory that clothes have memory. Let me explain. I think some outfits are tied to special occasions and remind you of people, events and time. Sometimes I find it difficult to wear certain outfit or clothing item again - especially if its to school! - when I've worn it out on say a date or a gathering with friends.
Does anyone ever get that? Or am I the only weird girl who is being too overly attached with clothes? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. I coincidentally wore the same top and pants in the first outfit Rue Cremieux! Click on the link above to see it.

White Fluffy Cardigan - Primark
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