Edinburgh City: Admiring Old and Modern Architecture

30 April 2015 Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh, UK

Spending a day in Edinburgh city

My impression of Scotland is its beautiful scenery, lakes, and of course the famous viaduct where the Harry Potter train scene was filmed. I've always wanted to take a road trip to the highlands and enjoy the beauty of mother nature Scotland has to offer. Alas, I don't have a car or anyone to road trip with, so a train trip to Edinburgh was my best bet of stepping into Scotland.

I scored a cheap(er) return ticket and so, I went off to Edinburgh for a weekend with my friends. We did climbed up 2 hills to get a nice view of the city (you can read it here and here), but in this post, I'll be sharing with you the beauty of Edinburgh's architecture from the ground.
After all, this Instagram picture got more likes than any of my other pictures, so it's safe to say many agree with me that Edinburgh is a lovely city!

Royal mile Edinburgh city
Edinburgh city old town architectrue
Edinburgh city back pipe player

Walking around Edinburgh, you really get a taste of what it feels like to be in an old town. Mostly because the buildings are all in a similar shade of brown, and have a similar style of architecture. I love that the Edinburgh Castle, as well as the random houses and buildings along the Royal Mile somehow complement each other really well, and just feel so… seamless.

Edinburgh castle spending a day in edinburgh city
Visit the Edinburgh Castle
View of Edinburgh city old town
a day in Edinburgh city old town
Edinburgh city view

From the Edinburgh Castle, you can see an aerial view of the old town of Edinburgh and of a course a little of the new town peeking behind it. But wouldn't you agree with me that the old town has a very nice comforting feeling with its somewhat-uniform-but-not-quite-similar buildings.

old town architecture Edinburgh city
a day in the old town of Edinburgh city
edinburgh city church
Edinburgh city new town
exploring Edinburgh city streets in a day

The thing about Edinburgh is, after you walk through a street of what would appear to be part of the old town, you come face to face with the Palace of Holyroodhouse - i.e. the house The Queen stays in when she's in Scotland. Surrounding it, is some modern looking architecture that is pretty similar to what you'd find in the new town.

Edinburgh city outfit of the day
Edinburgh city ootd 2

We were hoping to be able to enter the Palace of Holyroodhouse, unfortunately, it was closed that day... So I sat on a bench and asked for an OOTD shot from my friend.

Coat: coldwear.sg
Army Green Top with Sparkly Collar: Forever21
Checkered Pants: Uniqlo
Boots: Topshop
Modern architecture in Edinburgh city
A Day in Edinburgh city modern architecture

I think the design of the buildings nearby were quite impressive, and pretty unique. But growing up in Singapore, and having visited places like Hong Kong and Shanghai - more importantly living in London,  I'm so used to seeing modern looking architecture, that I'm just more fascinated with the buildings in the old town. I think its normal for people to be intrigued by things they don't commonly see, which is probably why in every city, the old town is one of its top tourist attractions.

Needless to say, I spent a lot of my day walking around the Old Town and popping in and out of shops along the Royal Mile.

night time in Edinburgh city

Most people head up to Edinburgh before going up to the highlands in Scotland. So if you happen to have a day to spend in Edinburgh, walking around and admiring its architecture, going on a whisky tour (I did and it was fun - More pictures in the future perhaps), along with having a nice meal or 2 in one of the restaurants along the Royal Mile, is just the perfect way to spend it.
By night time, you could catch this view of the city lights near the train station, which is such a wonderful way to end a day, right?

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