Outfit Diary: Climbing Arthur's Seat

9 April 2015 Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH8, UK

Outfit and experience climbing arthur's seat

Arthur's Seat is probably one of the top attractions in Edinburgh. This hill is famous for its amazing view of the city and relatively easy climb. I would NEVER give up an opportunity to get a great aerial view of a city, and since I was traveling with 2 other of my classmate, I did not have to climb up this hill alone - all the more a reason to go.

Since the forecast predicted that it would rain that sunday, we woke up early in the morning, and started making our way to the top of the hill.
It was a nice early morning with the sun shining, dog-owners walking their dogs, and people jogging or doing their morning exercise.

the hill in edinburgh
arthur's seat edinburgh

Walking along the green fields was something so foreign since living in London, we don't really have many green fields to frolic around. It was a great decision to head up in the morning, its like having a nice easy morning hike with fresh air and a beautiful view.

climbing up arthur's seat edinburgh
The route up arthur's seat edinburgh
arthur's seat edinburgh

However, after walking for a while, we realised that we took the wrong route - mostly because none of us were using any maps. But taking everything into our stride, we just decided to head in the general direction of UPWARDS through the grass instead of the pavement.

climbing up the hill arthur's seat edinburgh
The view of arthur's seat edinburgh
Aerial view whilst climbing arthur's seat edinburgh

Honestly, the climb was rather steep, but it gave us a great view of another side of the city. The three of us were joking about how the picture we put up on the internet would greatly differ from everyone else's who have taken the logical route up the hill. But with a view like this, you really can't complain! I guess it just turned out to be more of a blessing in disguise.

scenery arthur's seat edinburgh
hiking outfit
outfit of the day climbing arthur's seat edinburgh
casual outfit for hiking arthur's seat edinburgh

Half way through the climb, we found a rock. From the angle we were looking at it, it was just a nice blend between the sky and the land, and I had a brilliant idea that we should all take photos there - mostly because I wanted to - and so we did.
Besides, I was getting moderately tired from the steep angle of the slope, and you can probably tell from this, I'm not much of a hiker.

outfit hiking up arthur's seat edinburgh

I decided to put on my heat tech for that day, expecting that it would be quite cold, and thank goodness I did, or the breeze would have frozen my tummy. Also, can you tell that I totally dressed for the occasion with that GREEN Floral Sweater? ;)
Green Floral Sweater - Thailand / Boots - Topshop / Bag - Random store on the street in Paris / Sunglasses - Accessorize / Cardigan - coldwear.sg
Tree in the middle of hiking arthur's seat edinburgh
View and scenery from arthur's seat edinburgh
arthur's seat edinburgh great views

Eventually, after attempting not to trip over rocks and stones or fall from the unevenness of the ground, we made it to the top!! As you can tell from my naturally blown out hair, the wind was INSANELY strong. It felt as though I could have been blown right off with it. 

The winds on the ground level of Edinburgh are already pretty strong, so being on an elevated place, it was massive! Every one on top of Arthur's Seat were just trying to make sure they keep both feet on the ground.

Wind blowing hair arthur's seat edinburgh
outfit in the wind

Of course, that slightly tiring (well since we took a longer route and climbed along the slope of the hill) we had to spend sometime admiring the scenery from the top.

As usual, whenever Im on the top of the world, I break in to that song, and that's what i did for a brief moment before people started staring at me weirdly.

arthur's seat edinburgh top of the hill view
landscape of the city of edinburgh

After 15 minutes up battering with the strong winds, we slowly made our way down the hill. Again, clearly we did not learn our lesson, because we decided to NOT take the conventional route down.
We headed off from the back of the hill, navigate through rocks and what seemed to be heck of an uneven route, and them came face to face with tall bushes with pretty yellow flowers. The catch? They were THORNY bushes!

arthur's seat edinburgh spring time

You see all that yellow flowers up there, yeah those were the thorny bushes we had to inch our way through.
But it was a fun experience we could boast about, and every time someone were to ask me "How was Edinburgh?" This story of climbing Aurthur's Seat is bound to come up!

arthur's seat edinburgh spring
Rainbow after climbing arthur's seat edinburgh

Eventually we made it to a pathway, and headed down the hill the normal way. After we made it to the foot of the hill, we manage to catch a lovely rainbow in the sky. What an incredible way to end our morning climb up Arthur's Seat!

Do you have any interesting hiking experiences? Share in the comments below! 

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