Scandinavia Roundup: 5 Fun Facts I Discovered

20 April 2015 Scandinavia

I'm back from a 10-day trip to Scandinavia (and then a short 4 days in Switzerland)! Now it's time for me to put a rest on the flying about and start revision for finals. Sigh.
Even though I'm on my year abroad, and my grades don't affect my GPA back home (THANK GOD), I still have to make sure I pass the year and not do too crappily. Guess it's time for me to play catch up with school after all the traveling around the entire year.
Before that, here's a short round up of my Scandinavia trip and 5 fun facts I discovered in my time there!

ONE: There are significantly LESSER people around

When I stepped into Copenhagen (the first stop on my trip), I was surprised at how empty it was. Somehow there were just not as many people around. It was such a refreshing change from London. As I moved up to Sweden and Norway, the number of people out and about seem to decrease even more! Maybe this is why everyone is so happy - No squishing and bumping into people makes everyone smile a little more.

TWO: There are ALL types of people

One of the girls I met told me "It's not just white people here", and she meant it in the nicest way possible. That was true! Tall, short, white, black, asian, young, old, it was quite an equal mix everywhere I turned. It could be because the cities I visited were more touristy and cosmopolitan, but that was definitely a nice observation :)

THREE: The minimalistic lifestyle IS REAL - and very attractive might I add

I thought the whole minimalistic vibe wouldn't be as evident, or that it was merely a stereotype. But no, minimalism is REAL. You see it in their streets, their houses, interiors, stores and the way they dress. White, navy, grey, black, most of the people are dressed in Neutral shades, and the interior design of places are so minimalistic. Understated, but very classy. Clean and Bright. I just loved admiring the way everything was designed! 

FOUR: There is NOT A TRACE of a language barrier

I knew Scandinavians spoke english, I did not worry about the fact that I knew nothing about their language, but, the fact that EVERYONE could speak english, and SUPERBLY well, was unexpected. I would usually expect the younger generation to be really good, but in scandinavia, even the older people spoke good english. Moreover, they have signs in English too. It made getting around from place to place so effortless, I did not feel out of place, it was just...wonderful!

FIVE: People say "Hi hi!" or "Hey hey!" instead of just saying it once

By far this is my favourite fact. FAV. Not to mention, everyone is so incredibly friendly!! Walking along the streets, or every time I stepped into the hostel, a café or a restaurant, I get warm smiles and a nice "hihi!" I loved it! Of course I would just say Hi once back. Anyone else who does it might come across a bit pretentious... I don't know, but the scandinavians totally pull it off. It is so freaking adorable the way they great everyone!

Thats a short roundup! Of course, the usual facts on how scandinavia is really expensive holds true, but these are just some other interesting things I discovered on my trip there. I'll be posting more details on my travel adventures soon, so do check back! :)

Photos are from my Instagram feed.

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