Best Plane Take Off Ever - Bergen Airport, Norway

6 June 2015 Bergen Airport, Flyplassvegen 555, 5258 Bergen, Norway

I cannot emphasize how beautiful Norway is. I have always known Scandinavia was gorgeous, especially from the multitude of photos online. But nothing I've seen in pictures has prepared me for the beauty I saw through out my days in Norway. From the bus rides, to train rides and fjord cruises, it was perfection. I finally understand the beauty of God's work and why the term "natural" beauty exists. For real, Mother Nature is the most beautiful.

After everything I saw through out my whole scandinavian trip, I thought that was it. Especially since my final bus ride to the airport too provided me with a first class seat to "stunning view of Norway" part 10 (that's the title of the movie in my head). This was until I got on the aeroplane and it started moving.

Typically airports are pretty blah. They have the usual runways, maybe some interesting looking architectural buildings (ala the tower in Singapore airport) but nothing too special. Most people just await the point where the plane flies high enough so you get a nice aerial view of the city, bonus points if it is a night flight. BUT, this lift off from Bergen Airport made me want to both cry and squeal with delight at the same time. It was like a short film.
We first started off beside lush greenery and blue waters (I know!! How?! What?! Omg!) and then after the plane took off, you get the most stunning view of the islands dispersed around the Nordic sea. When the plane entered a cloud, I thought that was it. End of the movie, but no. We emerge from above the clouds to see a nice sunset and probably the prettiest thick fluffy cotton candy clouds I've ever seen. It felt so unreal. Like magic. But it WAS real and the clouds were moving. Occasionally the clouds would separate and reveal part of the ocean and more tiny islands; like a game of peek-a-boo. Eventually we cruised high above the clouds and the sun gradually disappeared beneath the horizon as the night crept in.

I highly doubt my words fully captured what I was trying to express, so here's a pictorial description in chronological order. 

bergen airport runway
bergen airport take off
bergen airport plane taking off
norwegian waters from the plane
view of norway from the plane
airplane in the clouds
sunset view from the airplane
view of the sky from the aeroplane
gorgeous view of the sunset and clouds in the sky
aeroplane view of the sunset and clouds
best view of norway from the clouds
airplane take off view
sunset from the plane
best plane take off views

Norway was impressive right from the beginning till the end of my time there, right till I left the Norwegian airspace. 

Photos were taken on my iphone6.
Although it barely captures half the beauty of what I saw (plus has some annoying reflections off the plane window), I had to share this experience! 

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