5 Fun Facts: Budapest

16 July 2015 Budapest, Hungary

5 fun facts of budapest

I love reading little excerpts of other people's trips, a nice summary of what they thought or love about a city. This was why I wrote my first 5 fun facts posts. (Remember when I did the 5 fun facts post on Scandinavia? I think it was the most well received post among all my other scandinavian posts) Im not sure why I don't do it more often, but here's to hoping I do!
Since Budapest was probably my favourite destination of my last solo trip, I decided to do one for it!
I hope this could be a regular thing with my future travel destinations. Its nice to read fun facts about a city with stuff you might or might not get to know from guide books. Mostly, I think its just a nice way of rounding up a trip :)

Aerial view of budapest in the day with the chain bridge in view

Here goes 5 fun facts I discovered whilst in Budapest!

ONE: The servers are all guys. AND BLOODY GOODLOOKING.
Somehow all the restaurants I went to, the cafés, etc. the servers were all (or mostly) guys. Imagine stepping in to a café and being greeted by 3 super fine looking baristas, one of them then proceeds to make you about the best morning coffee. What a good start to the day right?

Breakfast from cafe espresso in budapest and the great hall
Budapest Ruin Bar simpla

TWO: They have the most interesting bars and cafés 
Open air concepts, ruin bars, lovely interiors, cafés with windows the size of humans, I absolutely adored the design of EVERY eating place I went to .
The whole time I was walking in the Jewish quarter I was thinking "I want another stomach so I can eat all these food"! Mostly because I wanted to go into the cafés and bars to take photographs of the places.

Speaking of cafés and bars, my other café related discovery was: You can just walk in and take a seat when it's not rush hour. I kept getting weird looks whenever I waited at the door to be seated... Guess it's not common practice? I don't know. I was literally #thatconfusedasiangirl.

Open air ruin bars in budapest, hungary.
Lovely alley decoration before the ruin bars in budapest
Budapest Jewish Quarter graffiti and back alley decorations

THREE: They have statues with no significance 
All Around Budapest there were several statues that were erected when the country was liberated from the soviets rule. One example is the little girl in the picture below. According to my walking tour guide, there are quite a number of such statues all around for the sole purpose of beautifying the city. Apparently under the communist rule, every statue had to have a meaning or be tied to some communist ideology, so the symbol of a "meaningless" statue (erected just because they wanted it and it looks nice) is like a sign a of liberation. 
I guess that gives meaning to the statue now. Anyway they are really cute looking statues! 

Statues that have no meaning in budapest.
Panoramic view of budapest from the buda castle

FOUR: The language
Yeah. 46 letters, and just wow. Words that have no way of being pronounced. I attempted to learn hello, Thankyou and good bye. I sat at my bed repeating the words on this infosheet from the hostel, the next day I was like.. "What was it? Kuh-suh-nuh something?!" I learned a couple of words while I was there, I don't remember a syllabus of anything! And I thought learning French was hard.

Jewish quarter architecture in budapest
Cafe street decorations in budapest hungary

I was suffering from severe FOMO the whole time I was there. I thought I had 3 days in budapest, turns out, cutting the travel time to budapest and to the airport, I had just under 2 days! BARELY SUFFICIENT. Even getting out and about before 9 didn't cut it. I was dead beat by evening time, and my stomach would be aching - a thing I experienced a fair bit on this trip and couldn't seem to quite figure out why.
Regardless, I loved my time in Budapest so much. I really really really wish I had more time to explore, visit different areas, and enjoy everything the city had to offer.

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