AWESOME THAI FOOD - Bangkok, Thailand Part 2

22 October 2015 Bangkok, Thailand

Ingredients to make the best fried egg

Food in Thailand is nothing short of amazing. Sitting here typing this, I'm craving a nice bowl of tom yum noodles and my mouth is salivating just thinking about it. 

My trip to Bangkok was filled with 4 days of incredible food. Street food, cafés, restaurants, even the hotel breakfast and food centers in the shopping malls served pretty fantastic food.

I'm a huge fan of tom yum and an even bigger fan of green curry. But instead of only eating these popular Thai dishes, traveling with one of my best friends, Jesslyn, whom has been to Bangkok probably over 10 times, meant that I got introduced to whole other variety of food options.

hotel breakfast spread in bangkok
Bangkok street food rice and pork
sabx2 wanton noodles in bangkok
Wanton noodles and pork rice in bangkok thailand

One these options include Sabx2 Wanton Noodles and Rice with Pork. Wanton (meat dumpling) noodles is a common dish in Singapore, but the soup and the way it is prepared in Thailand, is slightly different. Well I wouldn't know if it is prepared the same way, but it tasted really good! After having tried tens maybe even hundreds of bowls of wanton noodles I was still slightly impressed with the one served at this humble street side shop. The pork that came with the rice was tender and really juicy!
It's apparently one of the most famous stalls in Bangkok, and judging by the number of people wanting to eat there, EVEN AS IT IS POURING RAIN OUTSIDE, I'd say it is probably pretty well loved among tourists (or maybe just Singaporeans/Malaysians considering how many of them were there).
Ask for an extra bowl of soup if you'd like, sometimes it comes free!
Sabx2 Wanton Noodles
4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19 | Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand
Another place that has received a ton of hype from the south east asian café obsessed generation is the After You Dessert Café. I'd say I am pretty clueless neither do I buy into the whole fad when it comes to new cafés opening, new hyped up food items, etc. Whenever I think Thailand, I think street food, and never really ventured to try anything other than that. Since both of my friends said After You Café is pretty famous (and i've seen it on Instagram) we gave it a try.
The queue took over half an hour, which turned out to be a plus as it gave us time to digest our dinner before stuffing more dessert down our stomaches.

We got a panna cotta, and the famous honey butter toast. The toast was pretty good, and the panna cotta was alright too. I'd go back BUT, I doubt i'd ever queue over an hour for it. Judging by the queue when we were there, i'd say that would probably be the average waiting time during peak hours! Head over there in the afternoons or late mornings and it'll probably be empty!

Afteryou cafe in Bangkok thailand

the famous honey butter toast in after you cafe
Pomegranate juice and orange juice by the streets in bangkok

Streets and architecture of bangkok
Street food sold along the roadsides of bangkok
Pad thai in bangkok thailand
street food in bangkok

As you probably can tell, street food is more my thing. I don't know if many share my love for grabbing things along the road side, or even SITTING along the road side and eating, but in my opinion, doing what the locals do is a better way to experience a country's culture. If the locals eat by the roadsides, do the same!
Street food was incredible in Bangkok. During our time there, we had so many meals along the streets and each one of them was satisfying. Some people have lamented about the hygiene and cleanliness of street food, I wouldn't say these worries are unfounded, so bring the necessary medications JUST IN CASE! I must say though, this should never deter you from trying street side food, because a lot of the times, the dishes you get along the streets taste so much better than things you get in cafés and restaurants, and they are much cheaper too!

The tom yam, fried egg, prata crepes and definitely things I could eat again and again every single time I go to Bangkok!

shops and food options in bangkok siam paragon
Nuer Koo Noodle Soup bangkok siam paragon

There is one exception however, which was the Pork Noodles from Nuer Koo Noodle Soup in Siam Paragon. The broth is so tasty, i've never had anything just as amazing (apart from Pho along the streets of Vietnam - that one is hard to beat!) I love soup, and I could drink about 5 bowls of that pork broth in one seating. If they'd let me, I would totally do it!
Nuer Koo Noodle Soup | Siam Paragon
991 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand
Writing this post has me craving some thai food, AND THAT BOWL OF PORK NOODLES!
The time I had in Thailand was way too short for me to try everything I wanted to, nevertheless, I did have a ton of fun eating and of course shopping. Time to save up for another short getaway back just to get more of all that awesome thai food!

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