Cave Island (Hang Sửng Sốt) | Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

16 November 2015 Hạ Long Bay, Vietnam

Visiting the sung sot cave in ha long bay

Every time I think back to my trip to Vietnam, I not only remember the delicious street food (omg Phở along the streets!) but also the 2D1N cruise on Ha Long Bay - one of the most incredible natural wonders i've seen. Those individual mountain like structures were made from the erosion of limestone caves and on the 2nd day of the cruise, we were allowed to visit one of these individual Mountain Cave Islands. The cave that we went to was the Hang Sửng Sốt (Sung Sot Cave).

p/s: I'm pretty sure it's not called a cave island, but the dock had an entrance to the cave and that was pretty much there is. You had to get tickets at the dock before you could even proceed towards the entrance of the cave - which seemed to be the only thing there! Hence why I'm calling it, cave island.

Hang sung sot cave entrance

The queue to the cave was pretty long, because there was only one entrance and a whole cruise ship of people. We had to climb up step by step while being mosquito baits until we got to the entrance. But lucky for Jerald and I, we were walking beside our cruise ship guide and so he gave us some background information about how these caves were formed, and how the erosions over the years gave them their current structure.

Even though it took a while to get into the cave, when we arrived at its entrance we soon realised, THE WAIT WAS WORTH IT.
The cave is huge and you literally gasps at the way the light hits the water and the limestone walls on the inside. The different shapes and textures of the cave, the way the rock bends and morphs from one type of arch to another is pretty incredible.

Inside of the sung sot cave and image of its walls
image of the hang sung sot cave in halong bay
The walls and textures of the limestone walls in the sung sot cave
image of the inside of the sung sot cave in vietnam while cruising on ha long bay

When our cruise guide told us about how these caves were made, I immediately thought of my secondary (15 year old) days, when I was learning about the formations of certain natural structures due to varying erosion rates of granite vs. limestone back in Geography lessons.

Oh how I LOVED geography.

The thing is, studying about it in books and on paper, it all seems pretty logical. Y'know, Normal. You could understand it. The way caves are formed, how a waterfall became a waterfall, the formation or rivers, gorges, and even how volcanoes erupt.
But when you see it with your own two eyes... oh my everything logical dissipates into thin air, and you're left thinking, "How did this happen? MOTHER NATURE YOU ARE WONDROUS."

Reflection of the lights in the interior of hang sung sot cave
Image of light Reflecting in the waters in the sung sot cave
Rocks and cave structure of the sung sot cave
Visiting the sung sot cave in vietnam, ha long bay cruise

This happens, every single time without fail. Be it exploring the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia, Cruising down the Fjords of Norway, Visiting the underground Salt mine in Poland, and now visiting a cave in Vietnam. The way these caves and natural structures can exist on their own is beyond my imagination.
Beauty at it's best.

These pictures were taken by Jerald and edited by me.
I couldn't for the life of me find the pictures I took with my DSLR, which was really sad, and because I couldn't find those images, I have yet to talk about visiting hang sung sot on my blog, but because the cave was that beautiful, I couldn't help but keep thinking about it and reminding myself to share pictures and my experience.

Taking 2D1N cruise out to Ha Long Bay is something i'd definitely HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend when visiting Vietnam/Hanoi. And when you do visit the sung sot cave, remember to stop for a lovely view of Ha Long Bay after your cave visit (although that spot with the incredible view would probably be way too overcrowded!)

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