17 December 2015 Japan

I could say "Japan" forever. As you can probably guess, I'm back from JAPAN! One of the countries I'd been dying to visit, a place I never thought i'd actually have a chance to.

The weather in Japan was beyond perfect (well we had 1 day of rain, but thats ok!). It was nice and autumnal in the south of Japan, the temperature was perfect, the leaves were a mixture of orange, yellow and green, and the sky was blue and clear. Cool breezy days with that hint of sunshine, I couldn't have asked for a time to visit Japan!

I have so much to share from food to outfits to locations, and all the things I did in Japan, so let me kick off the (probably long stream of) Japan posts by doing of them 5 Fun Facts!

1 | Black Cabs + Drivers In Suits
There is nothing quite like the black cabs in Japan. They have the most interesting looking black cabs with a Panda on top of it. We sat in one on the way to the airport on our last day in Japan (therefore no pictures because of the rush, sigh) and the driver of the black panda cab was dressed SO WELL. I reckon it is their uniform. He was all dressed up in a nice suit with vest. Oh it was cab heaven.

2 | Street style NOT = COLOURFUL
If you google "Japan Streetstyle" you get images of people dressed really interestingly with colours, and a lot of vibrancy. To the point I wish I could be them and be daring enough to play with colours in such a way. But, that isn't what Japanese street style is actually like. It's not what I saw at least.
(I was in the south of Japan, so that could differ from the rest of japan, i don't really know) But what I saw was a lot of black, and sure some colours, but most of them wear nudes, browns, navy, black and white.

3 | They are SUPER Hygienic
I've heard a lot of people comment about how clean Japan is, and considering Singapore is pretty clean too, I did not expect to be taken aback by the hygiene standards in Japan. But I was.
The roads were clean the malls were clean, almost all the toilets had disinfectant spray where you could wipe down the seats, and the most shocking thing happened when Jerald reached for a spoon in a jar at the ice cream shop.

We thought it was common to get another spoon on our own (since we were sharing an ice-cream) but it was unhygienic to stick our hands into that jar of clean spoons, so the server was most displeased when she saw us doing that, told us it wasn't right, and then proceeded to grab a hand full of spoons at the top layer and discarded them. All while maintaining a smile, hence, my next point.

4 | They Are The MOST Courteous People EVER
It's a known fact that the Japanese are extremely polite, but it's not until you see it for yourself that you get a shock at the level or courtesy that exists in their culture. They treat customers and people with the upmost respect and that made dinner/lunch/any service absolutely enjoyable.
Their patience at explaining the menu, the way they tell us to enjoy our meal, the way they speak, the way the address customers, its just all very courteous.
They have the tradition of bowing, and they do it so genuinely I can't help but bow back.

Ok, this may not be a legitimate thing, BUT, based on my observation, the red shade in logos, billboards, street signs etc. all have the SAME shade of red, which I bet is the shade of red on the Japanese flag!

There you have it! 5 Fun facts I discovered during my japan trip!
What other facts did you discover about Japan, or which were you surprised by? Let me know!

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