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14 December 2015

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Just because some one thinks something impossible, or it hasn't been done, or you don't know any one who has done it, doesn't make that thing impossible. It just means, you don't know anyone who has done it.

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Here's how this post came about.
I was speaking to a couple of guys from my class the other day about the concept of work life balance, and how some people prioritise work such that it affects everything else around them. This could sometimes happen when they have their dream job, and love their jobs too much, but are at the same time stressed out, resulting in their personal relationships taking a toll.
That wasn't the part of the conversation that led to this post. What I said next was.
"Maybe, some people don't need the traditional work life balance, because their dream job IS THEIR LIFE."
And there came the question: "So what is your dream job?" They were all curious. My answer to that question was, I have a few.
One of my friends interpreted this as "I don't have a dream job" and that my idea of a dream job was IMPOSSIBLE. I understood why, it was because I wanted to have a few "jobs" concurrently that will supposedly be completely different and could counter balance one another (constitution of an innate work life balance!) was a foreign concept. Not something they could quite grasps. To be honest, it isn't something I can fully grasps myself. But, if I had my dream job, that's what it would be.
A few "jobs" that allow me to live and work, inspire, travel, and make a difference in the world. I wouldn't need the conventional work-life balance.

Everything is possible if we could just believe

The main point of this story is just to put this out there (for you, and as a reminder to myself).
Don't accept what other people think as impossible as the truth or as a fact. That is but their opinion.
I've made this mistake several times in life. The first time some one has ever told me to chase after my dreams was when I was 21. How bizarre right? If I had known that my dreams were valid no matter how absurd they seem, if I had THOUGHT about taking a chance, and doing what I loved, going for whatever dream I had, at 13, 16 or 18, I can safely say I wouldn't be where I am today. I could be better, I could be worst. But definitely somewhere else.
Regardless, you can trust me when I say, go after your dreams, no matter how "impossible" they seem.


Because when you see someone else living a version of the dream you were initially being told was impossible a couple of years down the road, you start to wonder if it was really that impossible in the first place.
Don't be the one to take away your chances, don't put yourself in a position where you'd regret conforming. Money, the best of grades, and whatever form of luxury, will never satisfy you when you're completely unhappy on the inside, when you don't love or see value in what you're doing, when you are innately displeased with the world, and most importantly when you live with a life of regrets and what ifs.

You have your own dreams, of being somebody or achieving something others might think is too farfetched, but so what, the biggest accomplishments start out unattainable (Facebook, Twitter, THE INTERNET, Aeroplanes, do I need to continue?)

Just because another person thinks it's impossible, just because something hasn't been done, or you don't know any one who has done it, does NOT make it impossible. It just means, it hasn't been done. And there is nothing in this world that can stop you from doing it, as long as you believe wholeheartedly and keep working hard at it.
For eventually, one day, all of your dreams will take flight.

Let me know what your thoughts are on chasing the "impossible" or the unconventional down in the comment box!

World of endless possibilities where we can chase our dreams

Ending off with a glorious sunset image, of when I felt carefree, joyous, and that I could do anything.
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P.S. Even though I say good grades aren't the most important, I believe in studying, and doing the best you can in school regardless. I believe in working hard in WHATEVER circumstances you are in. Just because you aren't in your ideal situation, doesn't mean you should not care, or f-it. It means you give your best, but know that you won't be here forever, and that you can STILL work on your dreams and fight for them.

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