Japanese Onsen Old Town

26 January 2016 Kurokawa, Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture 869-2225, Japan

Kurosawa old town japan

Japan is one of the most modern and industrial places i'v been to, and yet, it has so much tradition, soul and culture. On one hand you get the city, it's beautiful night lights, and skyscrapers, and a 10 min drive away, you get to experience an old town. That was what Kurokawa Old Town was like for us.

Once we got out of the car, we saw traditional looking houses amidst trees, rocks and heard the rushing sound of water.

Japan kurokawa onsen house
autumn leaves and rocks in japan

The carpark was on an alleviated ground, and so we had to walk down a winding road, and then came face to face with the main river that flows in the centre of this lovely Onsen Old Town.
The river, it's mini waterfall, the traditional architecture of the bath houses and shops around the area, and the lack of tour groups made the place perfect for an afternoon stroll.

traditional houses and autumn landscape japan
kurokawa old town water fall
kurokawa old town waterfall and river onsen

beautiful autumn landscape and traditional houses in japan

If you're not up for entering any of those bath houses, an old town like this has plenty of lovely food options. We had awesome pork loins, tasty cream puffs that were freshly made - we saw them make it! - and several other snacks.

A map was given to us to aid us with the navigation, but since the old town isn't that big, we could roam and round freely. Besides it was pretty much just one big loop (well... thats what I told myself. Keep walking & you'll end up where you started.)

Kurosawa old onsen town

After walking around and doing some damage to my wallet, we found a lovely picturesque bridge with a side staircase leading down to the river. Of course, I had to climb down.
The different levels made for the best pictures, and who could resist that traditional hut with the gorgeous trees and river landscape. It was the perfect photo backdrop.

Autumn leaves, half barren trees, dusty greyish blue skies, running water down a river, we couldn't ask for more.

Kurosawa old onsen town

Kurosawa old onsen town RIVER
Dried corn in Kurosawa old onsen town

Japanese convenient store in Kurosawa old onsen town

I love walking into Japanese convenient stores. This one in the old town had a more cluttered lay out but, it was so organised. Is this what organised mess looks like? More like just organised HEAPS of food.

Since we had dinner prepared for us at our accommodation, and we were going into the bath house/onsen at the traditional house we were staying at, we refrained from getting too much food. Instead got ourselves some beer, and headed back for dinner.

orange and blue skies Kurosawa old onsen town
orange and blue skies Kurosawa old onsen town

The light was incredible by the time it hit 5pm. Since it was the winter months, the sun set pretty early, and so, as we were walking back to the car, we were able to witness a sky that was half orange and half blue due to the sun behind the clouds. The cooler months never seemed more appealing.

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