The Hells of Beppu, Japan

4 January 2016 Beppu, Ōita Prefecture, Japan

The hells of Beppu Hot spring

Beppu Hells was one of the most interesting places I visited during my time in Japan. It is located in Beppu, a lesser known place in Japan (kind of like chill, and quiet - like a retirement town), where they have 8 different hot springs. Unlike conventional hot springs, you probably don't want to enter into these ones, as you can tell from their names.

Of the different types of Hot Springs, we only managed to visit 2. Each hot spring was like an attraction on its own, but according to online resources, the 2 that we visited were among the best.

Beppu hells hotspring
Beppu Hells hot spring 2
Beppu Hells hot spring steam and ootd
Beppu Hells hot spring entrance

The 2 hot springs Chinoike and Umi Jigoku were coloured one red and one blue.
You have to squint just to see the actual colour of the water because of all that steam rising up. Since it was the start of winter, the cool weather mean that way more steam was being emitted from the hot spring.

But that amount of steam definitely made for interesting shots. Oh, the experience when you walk through the steam is just FUN.

chinoike blood water Beppu Hells hot spring
chinoike jingoku Beppu Hells hot spring steam and blood pool water

Chinoike Jigoku was the first hot spring we went to, and it is known as the blood pool because of its red waters. To be honest, amidst the smoke and the red painted signs, it is pretty convincing in terms of the whole bloody red hell pool vibe.

The blue hot spring called Umi Jigoku was a lot bigger and had more greenery, ponds and even several Torii gates.
As we went there in the morning, we had a lot more time to explore the region and take lots of photos.
There were other ponds and even a green house with lovely japanese lotuses in this area.

autumn scenery in japan beppu
umi jigoku beppu hells japan
blue waters of the umi jigoku beppu hells japan
umi jigoku beppu hells japan
umi jigoku beppu water hells japan

What I Wore
Cardigan - Primark | Top - The Box | Skirt - Sheinside | Boots - Timberlands | Leggings - Uniqlo 
torii gate umi jigoku beppu hells japan
what to wear to hot spring beppu
umi jingoku beppu hells japan outfit
what to wear japan umi jingoku beppu hells japan

We also got to try some mini red bean buns, steamed using the steam from the hot spring. Apparently the minerals are suppose to provide some added nutrition to one's body.
The buns tasted pretty normal, but they did smell slightly coated with steam from the hot spring, I found them rather odd, but still, very much edible!

umi jingoku beppu hells japan

green house hell umi jigoku beppu hells japan

Among the 6 other hot springs we did not visit, there was one filled with crocodiles and another pretty much like a mud pool. Sadly these hot springs aren't exactly located side by side, so after knocking 2 out of the park, and seeing as we took quite sometime exploring each of them, we decided that 2 was enough for our time in Japan.

I can see why people choose to visit a small town like Beppu. The Beppu Hells hot springs alone are worth a stop during a road trip, it is definitely unlike any other attraction i've been to! Even though there are 8 different hot springs, visiting 2-3 of them is probably more than enough for a single trip to the south of Japan!

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