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15 February 2016

family portrait studio shoot

Means Family.
Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

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After the passing of my maternal and paternal grandfathers (end of 2014 and mid last year), Lunar new year celebrations took a turn this year.
In the past, we used to visit our grandaunts and granduncles on the first day of the Lunar New Year, and then our cousins on the 2nd. We went together as a family. It was my favourite part of the Lunar New Year celebrations (even more so than the money received in red packets!)
But as my grandaunts, granduncles, and recent grandfathers passed on due to age (may they rest in peace), and moved on to a better place, we probably will no longer do that.
When there is a passing in the family, we don't really go visiting during the festive period as superstitiously, it could mean bringing people bad luck. Still, the Lunar New Year has always been a time where my cousins and I buy new clothes, dress up, take photographs, have meals as a WHOLE BIG FAMILY (think over 20 people in one living room) and visit together as a convoy.

This year, everything changed.
At my paternal side, we visited each others houses, despite not getting to visit anyone outside my immediate family. Of course, we'd never pass up a chance to go to each other's houses since it happens only once a year.

At my maternal side, I got to meet my 2nd cousins after a couple of years (I see them only during this time of the year) and it was nice to get to speak to them even if it was for that couple of minutes. We ended off the 2-day holiday with a nice meal at my oldest aunt's house. ALWAYS A TREAT.
We also got to take photos as my uncle is really REALLY into photography and has a studio in his house. WHATTT?! I KNOW.

On the down side, I quarrelled with my sister and mom. Which was pretty nasty while it lasted but blew over the next day.

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I feel like a part of me is being taken away with these changing traditions, my siblings and I all agree. It makes sense that this change hits us hard, I mean, we've been doing these routines every year for our whole lives. We lived for the Lunar New Year! Alas, all good things come to an end. And, a page turns, we're no longer kids, we're becoming the adults now (adults never really liked the Lunar New Year from I sense lol!)

Regardless of the changing traditions, not being able to go visiting and move from house to house like I used to remember as a child, not getting the same Lunar New Year high when it approaches, missing important people that use to make this festive time so memorable, I realised that everyone, is still one big family.

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I love seeing my cousins during the new year, spending hours with them going from one house to another, but all these may change. What I know won't change is our love for each other, and that we'll always be family. Because nobody will be forgotten or left behind.

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