5 Things To Be EXCITED For In An Upcoming Internship

13 May 2016

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I shall be starting my internship officially next week in a job field i've never really had the experience. Although i'm slightly nervous of what can happen, I'm most definitely extremely excited to learn, and to contribute. Naturally, I decided to note down my excitement (and also to share some photos) in the form of this post!

outfit ideas for internship

A New Industry
I've never really done any thing like what i'd be doing and I think many fellow interns face the same situation, where the whole industry is quite foreign to me, I'm honestly happy to have the chance to branch out of my comfort zone and try something different. Something very business  and finance centric, something i'd only spend 10 or 20% of my undergraduate education learning about. I guess excitement comes when you're faced with something different!

Feeling Like An Adult
I'm excited to make some money (not much but still) I'm excited to be a part of a big corporation, and I'm both anxious, and thrilled to start working and feeling like an adult. There something about having responsibilities, and being a part of a team, and growing that gives me such a sense of empowerment.

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Safe Learning
Internships, much like university feels like safe space. A time and space for one to learn and adapt, to absorb as much as one can. The reason why I think internship provides safe learning opportunities is because well, as an intern, you're at the bottom of the chain. Your mistakes though might have consequences, don't parallel that of a full-time employee. Moreover, you'll probably have a ton of guidance from people who have worked in the industry for quite some time. It's indeed exciting to learn and be guided by people who are experts or well versed in their field!

office outfits what to wear to work outfit suggestions

Future Plans
My previous internship in Paris was something I saw as a whole learning living abroad experience, this time round as i'm a couple of months from graduating, doing well at the internship mean securing a job opportunity, and boy that is something. Im sure excited to see if I fit the company, and if i'd love working there in the future!

Meeting New People
I like meeting new people. And call me weird, but a part of me likes the anxiety that comes with being the new girl, and not knowing anyone at a certain place. Sort of like an opportunity for re-invention i'd say, y'know clean slate, ground zero. Its exciting to meet other interns from other schools, to meet the bosses, to experience what it is like to work in such a multi-national corporation.

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I wonder if i'd have horror stories like some of my friends. I sure hope not. Nevertheless, I'm excited to see what this summer has for me, and how much I can learn about myself and the company through this internship!

These outfit shots were taken when I filmed my Workwear lookbook with outfit ideas for what to wear to office internship, to work and even for interviews. Check the video out here!

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