A Cambodian Summer

27 May 2016 Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Summer in Cambodia is insanely hot.
Hot to the point that the rivers dry up. 38 degrees celsius, swealtering, tons of perspiration, kind of HOT.

I visited Siem Reap, Cambodia for a couple of days mostly because i've always ALWAYS wanted to visit the Angkor Wat Temple. Since the summer is incredibly hot, it is a non-peak period for tourism.
So, despite the crazy heat, I had a fun time!

My Cambodia trip started off with a little miscommunication between agoda and our hotel, and we didn't get an airport pickup! I called the hotel, and they sent over a tuk-tuk, although it was a fun ride, my luggage was swaying side to side with every sharp turn, because it wasn't secured at all. The worry was intense.

Angkor wat temple moat cambodia siem reap

Regardless, I spent 4 short days in the lovely Siem Reap, exploring the different temples, looking and observing the way locals live and trying some Cambodian food.
We got to watch a sunrise and a sunset, but they weren't as impressive due to the cloudy mornings and evenings.

Thankfully, summer meant that it was the dry season and so we could make the most of everyday exploring the different regions.

Here's a video diary of my journey!

More posts to come sharing tips, pictures of the different temples I visited, so stay tuned!

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