Sometimes Life Takes A Toll

8 November 2016

It's your last semester, they say. The last semester is always the most chilled out and enjoyable, they say. You should enjoy yourself, they say.
Y E  T...
Well life works in mysterious ways. Life goes, "Who are they? Nope, we aren't gonna do what THEY said."

Yeap, the final semester of school has been all sorts of crazy for me.
From keeping up wih the changes in my personal life, to intensive meetings after meetings in school.
Year book edits; over and over, again and again, the perils of the year book team.
From presentations, to assignments and report writing (I have 3 presentations this week and 2 report submissions - crazy) an additional half a year to finish up one's masters definitely does not come easy.
You would think professors could take a chill pill with all the assignments, but nope!

Anyway, the most hectic 1.5 months has come and would soon be gone, and there comes graduation. The day we all look forward to but fear so much.

To be honest, I'm just excited to have some down time, to collate images from my Hong Kong trip and to finally get back to sharing more content on this space.
My Hong Kong trip seemed like kind of a distant memory although it was just slightly over a month ago - those few days were my calm before the storm.

Nanyang technological university north hill hall architecture
Nanyang technological university north hill hall room and dorms
NTU Campus Nanyang technological university north hill hall rooms

You may be wondering, what's with those random pictures above?
Well, I had some time to myself a couple of weeks ago, before photographing for a friend, and I decided to take some random shots of my university's hostels/halls.
Since i don't quite know what to do with them, and I felt the need to keep these pictures as a way to solidify my memory of university living, why not just share them here?

After all this is pretty much a glamourised dumping ground of images that depict my life experiences.

If you're still reading, and up for a sneak peek of my Hong Kong trip, I have a video up on youtube. Click here!
My next blog post - hopefully coming soon - will share more pictures and tips of my experience in Hong Kong :)

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