LA in the Winter

5 February 2017 Los Angeles, CA, USA

sunsets and palm trees in los angeles california

The typical pictures and videos I see of Los Angeles they are usually of it in the summer. The sweltering heat, every one dressed in cute sundresses, cropped tops and dainty short shorts. However, when I visited LA early January, it was most definitely not during its prime. Instead of sundresses, I instead barely saw any skin. Tights, leggings, jeans, umbrellas, sweaters, some even wore puffer jackets (so not necessary though!)

los angeles california buildings with cool art
iconic palm trees in los angeles california

Despite facing a little rain and fog, LA was not any less enjoyable.
In fact, I thought it was a good thing to visit LA during the winter months because of the LOW crowds. Also, LA winters are pretty mild.
The sun remains out, yet temperatures are sufficiently cool. Definitely MUCH cooler than the over 30°C temperature of Singapore, which made winter in LA something I thoroughly enjoyed.

During the day the sun shines just as brightly, but you still feel comfortable walking around because you're not perspiring profusely. At night, the occasional chilly breeze sometimes makes you forget you're actually in sunny LA.

no strings attached movie scene lamca los angeles california urban lights
made in LA wall, los angeles county museum of ar public art urban lights display
where to find grafitti and street art in los angeles california
hollywood images in los angeles california
blogger wall pink wall paul smith los angeles california
street art and love wall in los angeles california
santa monica beach sunset at night festival los angeles california
los angeles california panoramic view of the city image
venice beach and santa monica pier at night los angeles california

I must say, I wished I got to see the nice sunsets with the swaying palm tree leaves. That, after 3 failed sunsets due to the intense fog, was my only disappointment.
But hey, this means I have to plan a trip back to LA again during the summer season!

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