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When people think Vegas, they think of glitzy hotels and the glamorous Las Vegas strip. Cool performances, gambling, champagne, getting hitched randomly after all that champagne, you get the drift.
Even though I wanted to experience and see Vegas, I'm not into clubbing (don't do well in crowds), neither do I have cash to splash out in the casinos. So, instead of spending full days in Vegas, we took the mornings to explore nature sights around vegas, caught a few sunsets, and then headed back during the night to enjoy the pretty lights in Las Vegas city.

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The Red Rock Canyon was one of our first day trip destinations. The Grand Canyon was a place I wanted to visit but it was just too far a drive out.

Red Rock Canyon was only a 2-3 hour drive from where we stayed and visiting early in the morning meant that we got to explore the area without having to deal with lots of tourists. Although, i'm not sure if such large nature areas ever get crowded...

I loved that I got to see cacti growing naturally and how they add a spark of life to the otherwise completely red and brown landscape. These cacti is not the type of plant we don't get to see in tropical Singapore, which made the plant lover in me way happy!

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red rock canyon, visiting nature sights in nevada

Check out my youtube video of my time in Vegas and exploring around Nevada!

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Being able to catch the sunset at Zabriskie Point and kicking it in the sand at the Death Valley was also another great experience.

The undulating landscape of the Death Valley is just impressive. It makes me wonder how sand ended up forming in that way, and if it actually ever stays the same with the winds blowing all the time. It's cool to know that this landscape could be ever changing!

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The last nature sight we went to was the Valley of Fire State Park. I think bag parks like Yosemite and other national parks get so much love from Americans and tourists, but people often overlook smaller state parks.

The Valley of Fire State Park is such a beautiful plot with routes one could drive through to explore. Different parts of the park had different rock formations and my favourite was called the Beehive. It is made of red rocks with massive perforations making them look like huge beehives. Perfect of interesting photography shots!

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My time in Vegas wasn't typical. No doubt, I did get to watch a Cirque Du Soleil performance, visit a casino, walk down the las vegas strip, admired the night lights, stayed in a lovely hotel and eat at an amazing restaurant. But, what stood out most during my time there was the little day trips I took to these nature sights, and chasing sunsets around Nevada.

These trips out of the main city area just reminded me that all we need is to take a little step out of our typical path, and our entire view could change.
A Life lesson, and traveling lesson all in one!

Chasing Sunsets Around Vegas, Nevada

15 March 2017 Las Vegas, NV, USA

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