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Brighton isn't only associated with the Brighton Pier. Another thing this coastal city is known for, is its long rows of colourful huts located near the beach. And when everyone asked me "what else is there to do in Brighton?" I just went "Lets find the colourful houses!"

Brighton Colourful Hut Houses

Well...This got a little confusing for me.
See, Brighton is also a name of a city in Australia, which ALSO has cute little colourful huts. When I googled "Colourful Houses Brighton", images for Australia appeared, and I thought, "Damn. Did I get it wrong? Are there no colourful huts in Brighton (England)?" 
For the first half of the day in Brighton, I couldn't locate the colourful houses on the map that the tourist centre gave out for tourists. I was close to concluding that I was misinformed and got confused with Brighton in Australia.

Brighton Beach Brighton Pier

Then, by some awesome coincidence, whilst we were walking along the brighton beach, we found a shop selling postcards. Below one of the cards with an image of the huts, it read "HOVE". 
It was like a revelation at that point.
Turns out, Hove is a town that is probably about 30-40 minutes walk from the Brighton Pier.

This was why when I was reading articles/travel recommendations online they were being titled "Brighton and Hove". Silly me thought they were 2 different cities, just within close proximity, when in fact the two towns Brighton AND Hove both make up ONE City - according to Wikipedia.

Brighton Beach
Walking towards Hove, we were able to admire the beach and the waters, run along the rocky beach, and see boats that are lined up along the coast. It was quite enjoyable running along the rocky beach. Tiring, from the added friction as oppose to walking on land, but fun.
What's great about it, is you don't have to worry about sand getting into your shoes - my greatest pet peeve with sandy beaches.

Boats along brighton beachcolourful huts hove souvenirs

After chattering amongst ourselves and walking for what seemed like 30 minutes, we saw THEM. The Colourful Huts!
So, like little kids, the group of us started happily taking photographs of the rows of colourful huts. And being #tourists, we took photos WITH it as well. The walkway where the huts were along had loads of people; tourist, kids on scooters and bikes, couples walking their dogs etc.
Daryl and I met a really cute and friendly puppy which was on its first walk by the beach. Naturally, the little puppy was extremely excited. It kept jumping and standing up against us.

colourful houses hove england brightonbrighton sunset along hove

After a while, we got tired of taking photographs, and tired of walking, so we sat on a bench facing the sea and just chilled out, ate snacks and watched the sun set. As the sun was setting we started talking about the different rays - nerd talk initated by Daryl! Hahaha.
After some discussing, googling, and learning about the different sun ray terms, we were all hoping to see some Crepuscular Rays when the sun was setting, and Anti-Crepuscular Rays when it passed the horizon. Seeing Crepuscular Rays is common, but sadly, the sky wasn't clear enough for the Anti-Crepuscular Rays.
Hopefully in the spring or summer we would go back to Brighton (or another coastal city) and we'd have more luck with them crepuscular rays.

P.S. I am very tempted to look through all my different sunset photographs and see if I can spot any anti-crepuscular rays in action!

Crepuscular rays Brighton england

Searching for Colourful Huts in Hove

27 November 2014 Hove, The City of Brighton and Hove, UK

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