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On the 3rd day of a 4-day vacation to Nice, Jerald and I took a train to Monaco. I didn't do much reading about Monaco, so I was pretty much relying on Jerald to guide us along. Initially, I assumed that we would spend all our time in Monte Carlo. In the end, we had more fun in other parts of Monaco than in Monte Carlo. 

That being said, Monte Carlo is really beautiful. Grand, attractive casino and hotel buildings (where all the tourist were crowding around), expensive cars, boats, yachts, and people walking around in Fancy Outfits - guys in suits, girls in gorgeous gowns. I felt like I was in the wrong place, like an outsider in the world of the rich and famous. 

Unfortunately, Jerald and I didn't check the dress code for the casino before hand, and we went to Monaco in slippers. That meant we couldn't go into the casino which was really unfortunate. Still, even if we could, I'm pretty sure we would feel really really out of place. People that were coming out of the casino or the hotels were so well dressed. They would FIT RIGHT IN to gossip girl. Its hard to imagine how much wealth these people have. 

Jerald and I had a really depressing conversation about the amount of wealth these people living in the hotels and going for the parties have. We were saying how insane it was to have that amount of money, and that we would actually be afraid of our own wealth if we were them. Just thinking about how much money they have, or the lives they lead, sends a chill down my spine. How do people get that rich?

Singapore isn't a poor country, in fact I know some people who are quite well to do, but no.. I have never met anyone that is as wealthy or lives as lavishly as those people. Something about that way of life kind of just rubs me off the wrong way. Is that jealousy? Maybe, maybe not. I don't exactly want to be them or as rich as them, because its unfathomable.
I was telling Jerald, "if you can't even dream it, you'll never get it." Guess we'll never be that rich! Haha! But really, I think to be that rich, it has to be a birth right. You have to be born into it. I can NOT, for the life of me, imagine how a middle-class person can get THAT rich doing honest work.

The other parts of Monaco was really nice, the architecture and vibe of the city was a lot like Nice, but quieter, slightly cleaner, and a lot more ups and downs/climbing. 
We visited the Palace of Monaco, which honestly, was not really grand, but the hike up gave us a really good view of the city. 

I accompanied Jerald to a car museum, which was pretty cool even though I got bored after a while. I've never been to a car museum, I am not a fan of cars, and I have MINIMAL knowledge of cars, but it was cool to see how the designs and shapes of cars evolved over years. People in the past had cars without windows... what?! And if it rains...? - My thoughts exactly.

And since we were not allowed to enter the big casino, we went to a japanese garden nearby, which was small, but nice and quiet. 

Mostly, it was just nice to see the whole landscape of Monaco, the sea, the yachts and stuff. Not so much for the attractions. 

I wouldn't go back to Monte Carlo anytime soon (something about seeing the rich and knowing that on the other side of the world there are people who are so damn poor, just really gets to me, even writing about it now, I don't really know how to explain it, but there is this gnawing feeling in my mind/heart, it just doesn't feel right), nevertheless i'm glad I went to Monaco to see other parts of the city!

One day in Monaco

20 September 2014 Monaco

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