architecture and buildings in dublin ireland

Dublin on a good sunny morning can be really pretty. 
When I was there early in May - no doubt it rained more than half the time - I was lucky enough to experience a warm afternoon with the sun bright and warm, the sky a pretty shade of blue with fluffy white clouds. Of course, that didn't last for too long because that evening it poured. Sigh. Irish weather. 

Anyway, I made the best of the good weather by hitting up all the Main Streets of Dublin, sunglasses on, and walking around without using my maps just exploring the streets. I realized that , sans the not so fantastic weather, Dublin is actually a colourful, enjoyable fun city to live in

Buildings and streets image of Dublin Ireland
Perspective shot of the lamps and streets of Dublin Ireland

Dublin has an unusual, unplanned look to its architecture design. Buildings can alternate from having a more modern facade on one side of the street, and then a more older European architecture style on the other. 

The colours of the buildings are pretty random from shades of brick and brown to the occasional blue or green. Since those were their main shopping streets, I bet shoppers can remember their favourite stores by the colour of facade of the building. Who needs to look at shop signs?
If I lived in Dublin, I'd be like H&M? Oh the white building by the corner! (Not that I actually know if H&M is in a white building). 

Colourful flags hanging from trees near the dublin university in ireland

Of course when I talk about colourful streets and buildings I CANNOT leave out the area of Temple Bar! When I was first told to check out Temple Bar (which happened to be right behind my hostel - YAY for good hostel locations - I thought it was a bar. Like a shop. One bar. And in my head I was like... What is there to explore in a bar?! 

Of course I quickly realized that Temple Bar is not actually a bar but quirky hipsterish area in Dublin, filled with lovely independent stores, cafés, actual bars (lol!) and boutiques, all with very lovely interiors and designs.

Image of the lights in temple bar of Dublin Ireland
Temple bar streets and graffiti of Dublin IrelandOOTD along temple bar in Dublin IrelandThe Horseman cafe along temple bar in Dublin Ireland

I'm glad i went to Dublin in the warmer months and not any time earlier in the year. Otherwise I would be too reluctant to leave the hostel and have so much less time exploring. I love how vibrant Temple Bar is with its lights, signs, interesting shop facades and colourful flags on every other café window.

To be honest, even their side streets and back alleys are cool to walk through. 

Colorful buildings on temple bar in Dublin Ireland
Temple Bar The Oliver St. John Gogarty Bar facade in Dublin Ireland

Back alley and art gallery sign being lit up in Dublin Ireland
images of temple bar in Dublin Ireland
Art decorations on the walls along Temple Bar Dublin Ireland

I found so many interesting banners, signboards, artsy decorations, colorful graffiti, and most of all, I adored the whole exposed brick wall facade of the buildings in the area!

What I Wore
Top: Bangkok
Necklace: Primark
Skirt: SheInside
Bag: Thrifted in Amsterdam
Shoes: Converse

Joy of Cha Café along temple bar in dublin ireland
Potato Cakes and brunch from Queen of Tarts in Dublin Ireland

It is hard to NOT café hop in the area. I went to 2 cafés and a few restaurant/bars for meals when I was there, and every café had such LOVELY interiors. Joy of cha had a nice garden vibe (not fantastic food, but a nice place for coffee and tea) Queen of Tarts was my favourite. I had potato cakes there for brunch and it was yummy! I love how the shop had a traditional English tea party theme. Honestly, I'm pretty sure every café you go to in the area would be very well designed! If I had more money to spare, I'd totally hip from one café to another just to admire their interiors.

image of a side alley in temple bar Dublin Ireland
South City Market covered market in Dublin Ireland

Another place with quirky novelty stores selling various bits and bobs is the South City Market. It's and indoor market I happens to stumble upon whilst roaming around. It was super crammed and there were stalls everywhere. I can only imagine how stuffy and uncomfortable it would be if it was crowded. Luckily I wasn't there on a crowded day.

OOTD IN Dublin Ireland
Love graffiti wall along temple barDublin Ireland
The wall art of love in temple bar Dublin Ireland

Despite the indecisive weather and the rainy days, I enjoyed my short trip in Dublin. I think my favourite if he various colourful places mentioned would have to be Temple Bar (no surprise). It is a great place to hang out if you want to explore and be able to hide out when the weather decides to change. The options are abundant when it comes cafés and shops to hide in from the rain. 

There are also a couple of museums in the area. I visited the photography gallery which I really enjoyed (yet another activity to do when the weather turns!) Temple Bar is one of those places where you can visit both in the day or at night and have a great time!

Outfit Diary: Colourful Streets of Dublin, Ireland

20 June 2015 Dublin, Ireland

The night lights near the harp bridge in dublin

Whenever I go on solo trips (which is pretty much almost every trip i've taken this year) I try not to stay out alone too late at night, regardless of the city.
This is why I never really have night shots of a city. Even if I'm out during sunset, I seldom have my tripod with me as I rarely carry it around for the WHOLE day (usually only in the mornings for some outfit shots).

When I was in Dublin, I figured, hey, the night lights along the river seems pretty nice from the pictures online, and Dublin seems like a rather safe place, maybe I should give this night photography thing a go. It should be kinda fun! Plus since I'm alone, I can take as long as I want, right?

Sun setting over dublin's main canal

I went for a late dinner along the Liffey, and waited for the sun to go down. According to the weather app on my phone, sunset was suppose to be at 8.50pm. So I waited. 9... 9.30... "WHY IS IT STILL BRIGHT?!" I was pretty tired that day and had half a mind to just give up, go back shower and rest. But I didn't, and by 930 the sun was beginning to go down.

Knowing the UK, sunsets aren't as vibrant, the thick clouds in the sky made sure of that. I wasn't disappointed because I had already expected it to just gradually get darker without the colourful sunset shades in the sky.

At about 9.50pm, I made my way down to the Samuel Beckett Bridge hoping for the sky to be completely dark by the time I strolled over.

Image of the Heineken Building with its words lighted up
Image of the night lights and flags near dublin craft brewery

As I walked along the Liffey, the sky gradually got darker, and it got dark pretty fast! By the time I arrived at the Custom House, the streetlights were on, the sky was dark, and the building looked great in the night.

There was no one around, which was good, but there were also very few cars. That meant that I didn't manage to get the light trails I was hoping to get.

Night photography of the lights at custom house in dublin ireland
Night photography of the lights and dublin liffey
Image of the river in dublin at night near the samuel beckatt bridge

Eventually, I turned my attention towards the Liffey, the bridges, and the architecture on the other side. Snapping a couple of shots every few steps, I finally arrived opposite the Samuel Beckett Bridge.

Picture of the Night lights on the Samuel Beckatt Bridge in Dublin Ireland
Night shot of the custom house key and samuel beckatt bridge

The lights on the bridge were stunning! The winds were rather strong that day, so that caused a lot of ripples in the river. Actually, it could be that my shutter speed was set too low, and that resulted in those light streaks in the river.

I was hoping for some distinct reflection, unfortunately, the winds were too strong it wasn't easy to achieve.
Still I quite liked the effect of the moving waters and the dancing light effects it created.

The night view by the river in dublin
Night shot of the liffey in dublin and samuel beckatt bridge

To be honest, I don't know if these pictures are considered good, after all I'm not any sort of professional nor do I have any experience with night photography.
I just really liked the colours of the different lights, and plus, I think its nice to document my first ever night photography experience, and hopefully I see myself improve soon, and hopefully I'm able to go on and take more night shots in the future!

The one below looks like some kind of aurora event IN THE WATER under the bridge, which I was pretty surprised because the green did not even stand out that much in real life!

Night view and lights in dublin ireland image
Image of the lights and dublin river near samuel Beckatt bridge

Dublin Liffey is such a nice place; both in the day and at night. It is pretty in an understated way. It's just natural to feel a sense of calm whenever you walk past it.
Anyway, if anyone has some tips for night photography that I can use in my next attempt, please let me know! I'd love to improve :)

Dublin by Night - A Shot at Night Photography

18 June 2015 Samuel Beckett Bridge, Co. Dublin, Ireland

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