Is it a shirt or is it a skirt?
I've seen this trend around several times, on College Fashion, Youtube videos, and most recently on Park and Cube and i've tried it once with an old shirt, but, I remember having it bunch up in all sort of various places. It was just not cool.

Fast forward a year or two later, i'm on my computer reading Park and Cube (every post diligently like a fangirl), and I decided to give it another shot. Typically, a boyfriend shirt is used for this, because a shirt with a loser fit wouldn't bunch up at awkward areas. Unfortunately, my boyfriend's wardrobe is a 13 hour flight away, and since I don't have a lose button up top with me, I figured i'll try it out using one of my own shirts.

Having a tighter shirt with a tighter fit means that you have a  more fitting "skirt", in my case it turned out to be a seemingly A-line style, which works well for my body type. The trick I did to prevent everything from bunching up is by tucking it under the sleeves. The sleeves act as a belt when tied together keeping everything nice and flat.
Of course adding a lose coat over everything is a great cheat to cover everything up, especially since this I wore a chiffon top and any small bumps or unevenness would show through distinctly.

And here's how I style this top in a more conventional way!

I went almost monochromatic for both these looks by mixing different shades of neutrals. I know I usually have some form of colour in my outfit - not that there aren't any in these - but its nice to water it down once in a while.

I love my vertical striped shirt. I think its my new favourite wardrobe item. Thrown over denim jeans + converse for a casual day, or layered over sleeveless dresses for more creative looks, it is yet another versatile piece.
I like that it is a button down as well. When paired with a blazer or even a pencil skirt, it gives a preppy vibe or a more business formal look.

Can't wait to experiment with other styles and ways to wear this striped button down, do you have a any other ideas? I'm open to suggestions!

Vertical Striped Top - H&M 

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MASH UP: Shirt / Skirt - Vertical Stripes

16 February 2015 London, UK

I LOVE clothes, fashion, shopping, and dressing up (unfortunately, my bank account cannot handle another shopping trip - online or in real life). Also, I don't share my outfits or take OOTDs as often as I would like, because,
1) I don't dare to ask someone else to help me with an ootd, apart from jerald, who has no choice but to oblige, and not judge.
2) I'm no model, I feel awkward, and the pictures look awkward.

But hey, I figured, as long as my face is not the main focus, and its not too close up, it doesn't really matter. 
So here's me taking a leap of faith and sharing. 

One saturday afternoon, I decided to wear my floral patterned pants I got when I was in Paris during the summer. And here's me showing off my new birthday gift. I've just recently got into wearing watches. I never use to like having something around my wrist in the past, but now that i've been converted, there is no going back.

I'm almost always seen wearing a watch, and finding nice new watches has become a thing.

Can I also say, I really like the collar on this shirt. Formal with a little touch of fun. Such a good buy for $15. 

So this is the awkward constipated look I get when i'm trying to take a photo!

Black and white pieces are fantastic for traveling! I have gotten so much use out of this white top and my comfy textured black cardigan separately, but never thought of wearing them together for the fear of appearing too "boring". But well, boring isn't too bad after all.

Outfit Diary: Falling B&W

24 November 2014 Shoreditch, London N1, UK

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