I was talking a friend of mine, and she said, many people come to Singapore to SHOP, becasue they think it is one of the best shopping destinations in Asia, well, Singapore does have great shopping options but as much as I love Singapore, if someone were to ask me where I'd love to go to shop, or which city has the best shopping, instead of saying London, Shanghai, Milan, Paris or whatever high end fashionable city, I would say Bangkok, Thailand. Without a doubt - maybe Hong kong as well.

I'm always up for a trip to Bangkok, no matter how many times i've been there, even if I end up going to the same places, it is always fun. I've been to Bangkok twice before this trip. The first time was with my entire extended family, my cousins, aunts and uncles, I remember enjoying the shopping way too much for a 14 year old, attempting to bargain at various shops and stealing style tips from my older cousins.
The 2nd time, was 2 years ago, when I went with 5 of my uni friends, again, it was an unforgettable trip, not just because some how we all took turns falling sick on different days, but because I came back with a 20kg luggage full of clothes and accessories.

This time round, instead of going there and buying a ton of stuff because it is cheap, I decided to go hand luggage only and attempt not to over shop - I MANAGED TO SURVIVE!
I went with 2 of my girlfriends, and shopped, ate, and did the same thing everyday for 3 days straight, it was awesome!

The first reason, well the MAIN Reason why I love shopping in Bangkok is because
I T   I S   A F F O R D A B L E
As a university student, I don't have that much money to spend on clothes. Plus, I cannot bear to give up half of my monthly scholarship allowance just to shop, neither would I have the ability to afford anything branded.
Since Thailand has a lot of factories, and is where a lot of clothes are produces, you have a multitude of wholesale markets to choose from, places selling clothes that do not have the additional cost of international shipping, branding, etc, being tagged to them, which works out extremely well for the prudent shopaholic inside of me.
Not only are the clothes affordable but traveling IN Bangkok is extremely affordable as well. From taxi rides (make sure they go by the meter!) to food, to accommodation, because of how affordable it is, going there for a couple of days just to shop, becomes a plausible option!

My favourite place to shop in Bangkok is probably
P l a t i n u m   M a l l
This mall has 6 levels and 3 different zones, I could spend several days inside here just looking at the different clothing options. It's pretty overwhelming when you first visit - I remember wanting to buy so many things when I first visited Bangkok at the age of 14. Ever since then i've always gone back to Platinum Mall mainly because the prices are affordable

Previous times I've been to the city, I also visited the Early Morning Pratunam Market - If you're not who needs sleep, try going for this market! The prices are incredibly cheap, but the catch? It starts at about 3AM and ends around 7AM because the shop owners set up stalls along the streets before then shifting into the malls.

Another reason why Bangkok is GREAT for a girls' shopping trip is because of
T H E   V A R I E T Y
There is something for EVERYONE there. Teenagers, adults, men, women, students who don't have that much to spend, or affluent working adults. From street markets to wholesale malls, to upscale malls with high fashion brands, you can find your ideal shopping spot.

Not only that, because it is a place where a lot of clothes are manufactured, you also get a wide variety of different styles. You can find office attire, weekend casual, goth, punk, girly, korean inspired pieces, simple elegant pieces, or things that are just straight up trendy.
Sometimes the markets not only sell clothes, but accessories, shoes, bags, household deco items, crafts, art, you name it.

One example is the
C h a t u c h a k  W e e k e n d   M a r k e t
This market has a HUGE range of variety, there is even a map to show you what is being sold in each section! Although, sometimes it is a hit or miss. In the past, i'd always find a ton of clothing items, this time around, I was more drawn to the bags and didn't see anything much to my liking. Still, it's a place not to miss. Because of this market, should always visit Bangkok on a WEEKEND.

As you can tell, the options are endless, not to mention, for every price range, you can find the same amount of variety in the clothing styles.
Shopping with friends who have different taste and styles is never a problem when in Bangkok!

These are just the things I got in ONE DAY. I think you probably can guess how much i've enjoyed the trip. If you're interested in what I got, you can check out my haul here!

Being able to travel with my friends and having the luxury of staying in a Junior Suite at Evergreen Palace Hotel (my friend scored an awesome deal on, was definitely a much needed time away from university and all the commitments I have. Because we had such a lovely room, nights were spend talking, eating, and gossiping till 4AM in the mornings - guess that's what happens when you finally get to travel with your best & oldest of friends after knowing them for almost a decade.

Of course, traveling during my 1-week break from school snow-balled into but the most hectic week of this semester, but it's definitely something I did not regret. In fact, my friends and I were talking about how we should make this a thing. Like a yearly shopping retreat to treat ourselves and get away from the stress of school or work.

If you're ever visiting South East Asia, or you live in Asia and need a little getaway with your girl friends, CONSIDER BANGKOK! You know what, even GUYS can enjoy a getaway to Bangkok, there are a ton of shopping and food options that will appeal to guys. So many of my male friends travel Bangkok to tailor suits and to get affordable office attire. Like I said, endless options, and extreme affordability really does make Bangkok THE SHOPPING DESTINATION.

Stay tuned to find out more about the different types of food I ate in Bangkok and for more photos of my trip!

Bangkok Girls' Shopping Trip - Where To Go + Why It Is The Best Place for Shopping

15 October 2015 Bangkok, Thailand

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