View from the top of Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland

"It's about a 2 hour hike. Don't give up!" That's what the hotel staff said when we asked about hiking up Harder Klum in Interlaken, Switzerland.
After my paragliding experience, I met up with my friend and we headed for Harder Klum.

I didn't have any food or water with me (nor my DSLR) because the "smart" me brought as little as possible to the glide. The hostel was not on the way, and Sheryl didn't want us to walk all the way back, and so we headed for Harder Klum. In my head I was thinking, "I can totally survive without water for 2 hours. Besides there is a restaurant at the peak with a view. I can eat and drink there."

Scenery of the river and mountains in interlaken switzerland
View from the first resting point while climbing Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland

And so we began our climb.

Judging from the fact that I brought nothing with me, and thought a "2 hour climb" really meant 2 hours up a mountain of 1322m, you can probably conclude that that was my virgin hiking experience.

 Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland trees and hiking route
Climbing up the rocky steps of Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland

At the start of the climb, everything went well. The hike was moderately fun in fact. Walking through trees, gripping on vines and barks to hoist ourselves through the short cuts, and getting an even more amazing view each step we took. It was all novel, and exciting.
Most importantly, my Timberlands was not giving me any problems!

stunning view of the swiss alps while climbing up  Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland
View of the swiss alps from  Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland
Looking out at the view from  Harder Klum look out point in Interlaken Switzerland

20 minutes later, we stopped for our first rest break and pictures, and were surprised that we weren't even half way through, because it felt like we had been climbing for an hour!

The stopping and expecting ourselves to be near the top repeated for the next hour and a half. Each time getting more agonizing than the previous.
Although it was tiring, I felt fine stamina wise, because of my experience with dance. So I'd expect to be able to make it up within the said 2 hours.
Unfortunately, at the 2 hour mark, we weren't still no where the top, slightly lost with an unreliable offline map, and I had developed 4 blisters on each feet (because my timberlands were wider that my foot - skinny feet issues). It was horrible.
Despite having the stamina to go on, the pain made the climb a lot less bearable.

View of lakes and interlaken from hiking Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland
hiking up Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland
panoramic view while hiking mid way up Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland

By this time, Sheryl and I had finished the last drop of water in her bottle and we were both hungry (it was over 5 hours since we last ate).
We decided to look up to googlemaps to see if the restaurant at the top was open. To be honest, we were more interested in how to get ourselves up there because my offline map was being confusing.

That was when it happened.
"It's closed" she told me.

I could have died. And I probably died on the inside more than once.
The hotel staff, my paragliding guide, the lady we asked for directions, none of them told us the restaurant was closed. My glider even said it would be a nice view after all that hard work.
As expected, connection several hundred meters above ground was not good, and we couldn't be sure if the restaurant indicated "closed" was the one at the peak. In addition to that, we were much closer to the top than the bottom; so we decided to just head all the way up.

Swiss alps and route signs while hiking Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland
Sun rays shining down and the swiss alps in the background from Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland
beautiful scenery from hiking up  Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland on a sunny day

It took us about another 20-30 minutes to get to the top (but it felt like 2 hours with 4 burgeoning blisters). Finally we made it up.
The view was GLORIOUS. It was magnificent, amazing, and -inserts every synonym for the word wondrous-.
But my heart stopped. Not because of the view, but because IT REALLY WAS CLOSED.

There we were. Dehydrated. Starved. With no sign of any food and water, having to climb back down 1322m before reaching civilisation.

Restarurant that was closed on Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland
Peak view panorama of Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland

I started looking for a toilet, or a tap, basically any kind of water producing equipment. But there was none. So after a few photos, feeling extremely dejected (and me in pain), we headed back down.

Having blisters makes walking down so MUCH WORSE. It was probably a 100x worse than climbing up. I was in pain to the point Sheryl and I stopped talking and just focused on getting our butts down from that mountain.
Every step over an exposed root, slippery leave covered half cracked rock, or any uneven surface was like a stab in the foot. Seeing as I was starved and dehydrated, I had no energy to utter a complain, because there was no other option but to get down.

Looking out at the great view on the top of Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland
View of interlaken from the top of  Harder Klum in Switzerland
 Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland from the ground

At the top of the mountain Sheryl told me "Let's aim to get down in an hour." I said ok, but in my head I was like "Hah! Not happening. My feet are being burdens right now." Much to my surprise, we apparently got down in slightly over an hour! It didn't feel like it, but it was.

At the foot of the mountain we walked through a small village like town, and came to this gorgeous blue river, with a nice modern house on one bank and over grown trees on another. Ducks were swimming happily in the pond, and there were families chilling my the edge of the river. It was a lovely end to the hike.
But of course, the greatest part was drowning out body in fluids and sitting down for an early dinner, whilst discussing about what we had just put ourselves through.

Walking through the quiet village at the end of our climb of Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland
picturesque river or lake at the foot of Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland
Beautiful scenery of a lake and modern architecture after climbing Harder Klum in Interlaken Switzerland

I've always heard stories of how people hike for over 5 hours and I thought, well if so many people can do I'm sure I can... Right? No. Not true.
Here are the 3 lessons I've learned from this hike:
1) Always bring food!
2) Having stamina does not mean being able to hike.
3) Also, I am not Reese Witherspoon in Wild. My feet do not cooperate with Timberland Boots.
Oh and blisters are THE DEVIL.

I have so much respect for hikers after this experience, especially the older people who just climb up like it's a piece of cake (we saw quite a few as we were going up) and I don't know if I'll hike again anytime soon.
I'm glad for this experience... but truth be told, it has probably deterred me from hiking anytime in the near future.
Then again, never say never. Because THE VIEW AT THE TOP, IS BREATHTAKING.
Anyway,  if I ever do hike again, I'm going on Nike sports shoes and bringing lots of food and water!

If you happen to be in Interlaken, Switzerland, and you're looking for an adventure, go ahead and climb up Harder Klum. Just don't do it on a Sunday!

Photos taken on my iPhone 6

Hiking Up Harder Klum (1322m without food and water!)

15 June 2015 Harder Kulm, 3800 Unterseen, Switzerland

The best view of interlaken switzerland from paragliding

If you've read my previous post, you'll know I mentioned about Paragliding in Switzerland. I've always been an adrenaline junkie. Roller coasters? The scarier the better! I enjoy zip lining, cable car rides, anything in the sky. I love flying on planes, especially the taking off part (but I really hate airport security - who doesn't).

One of my bucket list items is to skydive in Switzerland. Or just skydive anywhere. However, when I was in Interlaken, sky diving was a little too out of my budget, and so I opted for Paragliding instead.
My dearest friend didn't want to go on the glide, so I booked a ticket for 1, woke up at 9am, and headed for my paragliding experience.

At the top of the mountain with my paragliding guide in interlaken switzerland

I was picked up from the hotel by a driver (who could tell I was from Singapore based on the way I spoke! I was really impressed. Not many europeans would ever guess "Singapore"!), and after picking up a couple more passengers, we headed up the mountain. We alighted after a 20 min drive up, and walked for another 10minutes to this wide downward sloping lawn.

I was with a guide called Kusi, and he said "Are you a good runner? I'll clip all these equipment on you, and when I say run, you RUN!! OK?" I know I can sprint pretty fast on the ground, so I was like "Ok!!"

2 minutes later, he said, "ok, 3 2 1, RUNNNN!" I moved my legs as fast as I could, but after 2 steps, the drag force from the parachute was so strong I was literally running on air. It was hilarious. Couple more steps later, we were off the ground!

Paragliding in interlaken switzerland image
Paragliding photographs in interlaken switzerland

The view as we were Paragliding across Interlaken was amazing!! It was one of the best landscape views i've ever seen in my life.
Once again I was incredibly touched by how lucky I was to be able to witness something like that.
From the strong winds blowing into my eyes, and being all too overwhelmed by the view, I probably shed a couple of tears.

Paraglind pass the swiss alps
Paragliding photos in interlaken switzerland

The entire glide probably took about 15 - 20 minutes. Because it was such a brilliant experience, it felt so much shorter! Before we landed on the big green lawn in the middle of Interlaken, Kusi said we could spin, and so he told me lean on the right, and then WE SPUN. Round and round and round. I'm not sure if we did a upside down loop, but it was way fun! I held on to the GoPro as we were spinning, and the drag force was so strong, It felt like the GoPro would fly right out of my arms haha!

The whole experience with photographs, videos etc. wasn't cheap at all. It was probably just shy of 200 francs, but it was money well spent. DEFINITELY did not regret my decision.

Interlaken has tons of other sports for visitors including group skydiving etc. So, if you're ever in Switzerland, don't skip out on Interlaken! If you're afraid of heights, choose paragliding - trust me its SUPER safe, really enjoyable, and you don't ever feel like you're falling.  Plus the fantastic view would take your jitters away immediately!

Here's a video of my whole experience - Hope you like it!


13 June 2015 Interlaken, Switzerland

Images of the scenery in interlaken

Ah Switzerland.
A place i've always imagined to be special, BEAUTIFUL, peaceful, scenic, and just all around incredible.

In the middle of April, I took a short trip to Switzerland in the name of celebrating my friend's 22nd birthday.
I was not traveling alone, and the point of the trip was not to see as much as possible, but to enjoy some quality time with her, and just chill out (since we haven't seen each other/gone out together in a rather long time!)
However, we did manage to have some fun even on a relaxing slow paced holiday :)

We flew in on an early flight to Geneva from London (Southend airport; which is probably the worst of all the London Airport's I've been to!!), and took a train in to Interlaken the following day.

Many of my other friends who have been to various cities/towns in Switzerland have emphasised that Interlaken is beautiful, and is a must-visit. It was a pretty unanimous decision that Interlaken was their favourite Swiss city. So obviously, it was where I chose to go since I had so little time in Switzerland.

For those few days in Interlaken, Sheryl and I stayed in a lovely hotel called Hotel Bellevue, which was pretty close to the main train station in Interlaken.

Facade of Hotel Bellevue in Interlaken

The hotel was lovely, and our room had the BEST VIEW.
The room had a small balcony that overlooked the river, and mountains, with birds chirping and the sun beaming in every morning. It was a perfect sight. A landscape like that could have been right out of a real life Disney film. I would imagine being Snow White, standing at the balcony, and singing to the birds flying by.

Not only were the views from the window great, the area surrounding the Hotel was just as fantastic with its green grass, stone walkway, and lovely yellow flowers.

If you've been reading my blog/If you know me in real life, you'd know that I don't stay in hotels whenever I travel when there is a cheaper option of staying in hostels or an airbnb. So being able to stay in a hotel like this was amazing!

I told myself, since i've already paid for it, I had better make good use of it's beauty and take a couple of photos.

Hotel Bellevue garden in interlaken switerland and my outfit of the day
Hotel Bellevue garden in interlaken switerland and my outfit of the day
Hotel Bellevue garden in interlaken switerland and my outfit of the day
What I Wore
Top: Monoprix Paris
Necklace: Primark
Culottes: ASOS
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Coat: Promod
After a couple of hotel backyard OOTD shots, we headed out to explore the lovely town.
Interlaken was surprisingly quiet, and not as crowded as i'd expect it to be.
Another unusual thing about the picturesque Interlaken was that it had many old, rather victorian-esque looking houses that seemed uninhabited.

Old victorian esque houses in interlaken switzerland
Streets of Interlaken Switzerland
mountains in the background everywhere in interlaken
Mountain in the background of interlaken switzerland

For me, the best thing about walking around Interlaken, is that EVERYWHERE you turn, it is scenic. You literally see snowcap mountains at every turn, every angle, every corner. The streets all look unrealistically postcard worthy especially with the mountains in the background.

I couldn't help but feel some sense of inner peace, and joy when I was there. In addition to the great landscape, the weather was awesome when we were there. It was warm, the sun was shining, and the flowers were all in bloom. It met all my expectations of a typical spring day!

Flowers in full bloom during spring in interlaken switzerland

I know I tend to say nice things about most of the places i've been to (because they really ARE NICE!) But, I am not exaggerating when I say strolling around Interlaken, absorbing the wonderful sun rays, and just admiring the colourful flowers immediately brightens up your day.
Almost every backyard had a variety of flowers in full bloom. Even the hostels had a distinctive charm about them.

Walking past a backpackers hostel, it looked nothing like a typical hostel. The backpackers villa has such a nice surrounding, especially with those yellow flowers lining its perimeter. Maybe it's my insane love for flowers, but who can deny that those flowers exude the perfect spring happy vibes?

the scenery and landscape of interlaken switzerland in spring

Eventually we headed to a wide green patch of grass to admire the view, sit on the benches for a short break from walking, and watched the paragliders soar in the sky and glide down one by one.
The gliders landed on this huge grass plain (the biggest of the many lush green fields in Interlaken) and people passing by / friends and family for the gliders could wait by the benches surrounding the main field and watch those gliders do their thang!

image of gliders paragliding and landing in switzerland interalekn
Paragliders gliding in the sky in interlaken Switzerland.

When I saw people soaring in the sky and gliding down I told myself "I'M GONNA DO IT." And I did (story and video of my experience coming up!) the next morning.

It just seemed like such a carefree thing to do, to be able to float in the air and get a bird's eye view of the city. That night, I immediately went online to research on how I could get the same experience.

perfect view of interlaken switzerland
perfect view of interlaken switzerland

Mountains and greenery. Interlaken has it ALL.
After having gone to Scandinavia, more specifically, Norway, I had this theory I wouldn't be as impressed because Norway has been said to be one of the most scenic countries. However, I was so wrong. Interlaken managed to make me go WOW, and marvel at the beauty of nature all over again.

It is probably because the weather in both countries were so different during the time I was there that the vibe they exuded, the colours, sights and sounds, were just totally different, it's hard to compare and say which was better. And that is a great thing. To me, one of the best things about traveling is being able to be impressed time and time again and to be proven wrong whenever I think i've seen it all.

Outfit Diary: Surrounded by the Swiss Alps - Interlaken, Switzerland

11 June 2015 Interlaken, Switzerland

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