Snow landscape in tahoe

I'm not someone who deals very well in the snow. I don't deal well with the heat either to be quite honest.
But, I DO enjoy the cold. By cold, I mean anything from 0 to 15 degrees. I'm great. I probably don't need more than 2 layers. But when snow starts falling, well that's it.

Subzero temperatures are fine with me when nothing falls from the sky. Snow on the ground, sure its all good. Snow falling from the sky, my body goes - NOPE! I'm perfectly alright until it starts snowing or pouring rain. When that happens, I somehow ceases to function.

Unfortunately it was raining batshitcrazy the entire time I was in Tahoe, so I guess i didn't get the typical Tahoe experience; where people go skiing or snowboarding, since there was no way I could have done it in the massive rains with me being sick and all the flooding/ road closures :(
Still, it was an experience and a different sight from the rest of California in the winter.

lake tahoe images and winter snowkids playing in the snow in lake tahoeLake tahoe scenery and birds winter landscapeLake tahoe scenery and birds winter landscape
boats on lake tahoe in the winter

images and landscape of winter in tahoe
Tall trees and woods in lake tahoe winter
snow fails in lake tahoe

I guess there's always a next time for snow activities. Although to be quite honest, I don't actually feel like i miss out because im so much more of a sunshine girl. Ignorance is indeed a bliss here heh!

Losing to the snow in Tahoe

27 February 2017 Lake Tahoe, United States

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