Food in Amsterdam - Part 3 of Amsterdam

2 September 2014

One complain Jerald has about travelling with me is that "plan my food places". In my defense, I don't PLAN where to eat, I merely go online, do a little research and plot these food places on the map as OPTIONS. We usually don't end up going to the places I plot on the map anyway, but well, our food experiences in Amsterdam were pretty enjoyable!

After settling down in our AirBnB, it was roughly 10 pm when we decided to try our luck in the streets hoping there would be a restaurant or 2 still opened. And lucky for us, we found a small restaurant - Torino - serving fusion food nearby. It was a cute little restaurant, mostly older clients (who i would like to believe live in the area and are good friends with the restaurant owner - like we see in the movies), but the interior design was really amazing, considering it was not a renown restaurant. Lighting was pretty bad for photography, but Jerald and I got a soup, Orange sauce Chicken and Salmon + Mushroom Spaghetti tossed in olive oil. I was pretty 'meh' about my food, but Jerald loved his spaghetti. The Chicken in Orange sauce was not bad, it was just more of an acquired taste.

Alkmaar Cheese Market
It was nice to see the way the carried the cheese to the main area for sale. Those men lifted the cheese stacks up like they weighed nothing. I couldn't even lift one off the ground on my own (and I would like to think i'm quite strong!) 
They were selling Pancakes as well as fries (or what the dutch call Patets) at Vlaamse Friet. We got one each to try and they were not bad :) We had our fries with Curry Sauce but really, there were so many other options!

Bagels and Beans 
A breakfast chain around Amsterdam. Heard a couple of good reviews on tripadvisor, but didn't expect much because somehow franchised food shops sometimes do end up pretty mediocre. It could be that I was really hungry, or for the fact I down played my expectations, but this was GREAT. 
Jerald and I got a savoury BLT w hollandaise sause as well as a sweet Banana and Cinnamon bagel. We had a great time hiding out from the rain while waiting for the rest of the market vendors to fully set up their stalls. 

Other interesting food we found in the supermarket can be found below. And I cannot even begin to explain what they were. Didn't try any of them but I must say i've never seen such food in asia/ever in my life.

The 2nd evening in Amsterdam, we wanted to hit up some local dutch food stalls. Unfortunately it was a Saturday and we realised, just like france, many food places were closed. And those that were open were unfortunately full and we couldn't get it without a prior reservation.
After being rejected by 3 different dutch restaurants and walking up and down the same street 3 times, we settled for Indonesian Food. 
Read online that Indo food in Amsterdam is pretty decent, plus we get a little reminder of asia/home! :)
We ate at Kantjil & de Tijger. Once again, nice lighting and atmosphere for a dinner place, but not good for photo taking. Trust me, we had a pleasant meal!

De Carrousel - Not my favourite, but Jerald like his pancakes. That being said, I love how they had a huge carousel in the middle of the cafe!
Unfortunately, on the last day we were in Amsterdam, it got pretty rainy. Wanted to take away burgers from Lombardo's to Vondelpark for a picnic, instead, due to the limited space in the café, we stood at a corner under a shelter munching on our huge ass burgers and hiding out from the rain. 
BUT, the burgers were great and it was worth it. 

Places we wished we visited - Restaurant Café in the Waang
In the evening they light up candles all around the restaurant, doesnt it sound amazing? Unfortunately, its pretty expensive, and we were never in the area during dinner time (or rather always starving by the time we feel like having dinner we would rather not take another step). 

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