Brighton Pier in Autumn

25 November 2014 Brighton Pier, Madeira Drive, Brighton BN2 1TW, UK

Last weekend, a few friends and I took a little day trip to Brighton, UK.
It's a nice coastal city in the UK, with warm sunny weather (compared to other parts of the UK) and a fun atmosphere. People would typically visit Brighton in the summer. 
Visiting Brighton in autumn meant that it was a little less vibrant. On the plus side, there were fewer tourist, and no sweaty bodies.

Coming from a HOT equatorial country means, I definitely don't miss the sun and the sticky feeling after perspiring. So, having the wind blow in my face while I stand on the beach/run around on a rocky beach was a very nice enjoyable experience.

The Brighton Pier is probably the most visited place in Brighton. Food stalls, casinos, arcades, carnival rides for kids - bumper cars, haunted houses etc. It reminded me of an old theme park we use to go to back in Singapore. Yes the theme park that every  90s kid loved to go to (yes, before the USS came along) - Escape Theme Park.

As you can see the rides were more or less empty. I think parents should bring their kids to theme parks in the autumn months, just before it gets too cold. I saw 3 children playing the same carnival game again and again and again, after all its not like there was a queue. Also, I think it would be nice to have cold wind blow in your face as you speed through on a 200km/h roller coaster ride! (Is it just me? Or do you agree?)

We had a good time walking along the pier, having fish and chips, and just talking about life in general. Its been a while since the group of us classmates hung out together and just talked. What better way to catch up about school (and random school related issues).

Fortunately, it was not too rainy when we were in Brighton - it rained for about 2-3 hours max.  When it started drizzling, we would just head in to a shop or a museum and then the rain would stop in 10 mins. Towards the afternoon, the sky cleared out and it was a lot less overcast. Thats when we all started taking photos and going "THE SKY IS SO BLUE!"

After being in London with the multitude of people, traffic, and fast pace life, you start to get the feeling as though you're trapped. It was nice to be able to go to a city where life has a slower pace, where people can take hours off to play with their dogs on the beach, or just sit along the coast and watch the sunset (then again, this depends on your luck. After all, it's England with its overcast skies).

But overcast skies or not, the good thing about the Brighton Pier, is that it is just as lively (or perhaps livelier) at night as it is in the day. Night time, be it autumn or summer, pretty much looks the same, so it's not like you're missing out! When the lights of Brighton Pier and the streets come on, it's a different atmosphere altogether!

I think it would definitely be fun to go back to Brighton in the summer, if I have the time. But, if you don't enjoy bumping into tourist, and you want to be able to walk around the pier without sweating buckets, go in the autumn - or maybe right after summer. When it's still slightly warm, without the teeming number of tourists.

I think visiting in the autumn made for a really nice experience, something about the wind in your face whilst on a rocky beach really works for me. Could be due to the fact that i've only ever been to beaches and carnivals in the summer/when the temperature is at level-scorching-degree-celcius, that being able to have the same experience but without the heat becomes really enjoyable!

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