Lovely Laid-back Leipzig, Germany

31 January 2015 Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig StreetsLeipzig, Germany - A lovely city just 150km away from Berlin.
Stepping out of the Leipzig Central train station, I stepped right into a vibrant christmas market in the middle of the old town square. My first thought was "Oh my gosh it's so pretty!!" I spent the next 5 minutes looking up at the  building and admiring its architecture, while Jerald beckons for me to follow him, and I apologise to people no the streets for constantly knocking into people with my hand luggage.

Leipzig Side streetLeipzig Deutsche Bank ArchitectureLeipzig Commerzbank architecture

Leipzig has one of the most gorgeous looking Banks. Yes. BANKS. The architecture of the buildings were amazing. It reminded of how pretty banks in Paris with their huge gates. Cities like these with nice buildings even of common things like banks really get me.

Coming from Berlin, the architectural beauty was a fresh change. Streets were a lot narrower, but decorated with beautiful street lights and bursting with vibrance. Kids sipping on Kinderpunch (which I thought was mulled wine) and adults feasting on various german street food. Leipzig is less internationally acclaimed, not as well known, yet oozing with charm. It was a perfect transition city to spend a day or two in.

Leipzig Old Town HallOOTD Leipzig day 1OOTD Leipzig day 1

After leaving our bags in the hostel, we left to roam around the city (and get me my daily dose of bratwurst. When in Germany...) Instead of entering attractions, we spent our time walking around the streets, listening to children choirs (it was almost christmas!) visiting opened air shopping centres, discussed about the difference in the architecture in Leipzig and Berlin, wondering if Leipzig was part under capitalistic rule or the soviets, googling random information, eating various food items in the market, and trying not to be tempted to buy the lovely lamps and cute home decorative items that were being sold.

Leipzig Candles at Christmas MarketLeipzig Pottery Christmas MarketLive Sheeps in Leipzig
The thing that was most fascinating to me, was that they had a makeshift barn with figurines that represented the 3 wise men and REAL LIFE SHEEPS, right in the middle of the town square, in the christmas market.
I know, its way past christmas, but can we just take a moment to look at these cute sheep? Of course they were protected by a barricade and could go in and hide in the "house" if they didn't want to be stared / photographed by the overly excited tourist and locals.

Leipzig Bridge of SighsOOTD Leipzig day 1

Honestly, there weren't many tourists in Leipzig. Maybe other europeans / germans, but not too many asians. In fact, we only met 3 other asians the entire time we were there. Little kids who walked past Jerald and I were looking at us weirdly, or maybe they were just staring because clearly, we look different from the general population. It was an interesting observation we both made whilst discussing about the city over breakfast on the 2nd day.

Leipzig ChurchStatue of Musician Composer Bach Leipzig

All in all, it was a lovely, laid-back day in Leipzig. I'll recommend it to visitors who will be spending lots of time in Germany, or like us, wanted to go to another intermediate city before heading off to Prague.
What I wore
Grey Sweater: H&M
Scarf: Fendi
Coat: Coldwear
Maroon Jeans: Primark
Boots: Timberlands

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