13 June 2015 Interlaken, Switzerland

The best view of interlaken switzerland from paragliding

If you've read my previous post, you'll know I mentioned about Paragliding in Switzerland. I've always been an adrenaline junkie. Roller coasters? The scarier the better! I enjoy zip lining, cable car rides, anything in the sky. I love flying on planes, especially the taking off part (but I really hate airport security - who doesn't).

One of my bucket list items is to skydive in Switzerland. Or just skydive anywhere. However, when I was in Interlaken, sky diving was a little too out of my budget, and so I opted for Paragliding instead.
My dearest friend didn't want to go on the glide, so I booked a ticket for 1, woke up at 9am, and headed for my paragliding experience.

At the top of the mountain with my paragliding guide in interlaken switzerland

I was picked up from the hotel by a driver (who could tell I was from Singapore based on the way I spoke! I was really impressed. Not many europeans would ever guess "Singapore"!), and after picking up a couple more passengers, we headed up the mountain. We alighted after a 20 min drive up, and walked for another 10minutes to this wide downward sloping lawn.

I was with a guide called Kusi, and he said "Are you a good runner? I'll clip all these equipment on you, and when I say run, you RUN!! OK?" I know I can sprint pretty fast on the ground, so I was like "Ok!!"

2 minutes later, he said, "ok, 3 2 1, RUNNNN!" I moved my legs as fast as I could, but after 2 steps, the drag force from the parachute was so strong I was literally running on air. It was hilarious. Couple more steps later, we were off the ground!

Paragliding in interlaken switzerland image
Paragliding photographs in interlaken switzerland

The view as we were Paragliding across Interlaken was amazing!! It was one of the best landscape views i've ever seen in my life.
Once again I was incredibly touched by how lucky I was to be able to witness something like that.
From the strong winds blowing into my eyes, and being all too overwhelmed by the view, I probably shed a couple of tears.

Paraglind pass the swiss alps
Paragliding photos in interlaken switzerland

The entire glide probably took about 15 - 20 minutes. Because it was such a brilliant experience, it felt so much shorter! Before we landed on the big green lawn in the middle of Interlaken, Kusi said we could spin, and so he told me lean on the right, and then WE SPUN. Round and round and round. I'm not sure if we did a upside down loop, but it was way fun! I held on to the GoPro as we were spinning, and the drag force was so strong, It felt like the GoPro would fly right out of my arms haha!

The whole experience with photographs, videos etc. wasn't cheap at all. It was probably just shy of 200 francs, but it was money well spent. DEFINITELY did not regret my decision.

Interlaken has tons of other sports for visitors including group skydiving etc. So, if you're ever in Switzerland, don't skip out on Interlaken! If you're afraid of heights, choose paragliding - trust me its SUPER safe, really enjoyable, and you don't ever feel like you're falling.  Plus the fantastic view would take your jitters away immediately!

Here's a video of my whole experience - Hope you like it!

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