Blue Skies in Sennen Cove and St. Ives

23 July 2015 Saint Ives, Saint Ives, Cornwall TR26, UK

Blue Skies in sennen cove and visiting the town of st. ives in Cornwall, England, UK

After climbing rocks and staring out into the ocean at Land's End, my friend and I headed for the famous Sennen Cove in West Cornwall.
Sennen Cove is a short walk from Land's End - probably less than 30 minutes - along the South West Coastal Path in cornwall.

Boats docked on the shore along sennen cove in west cornwall, england, UK
Sennen cove blue skies, waters and beach image. west cornwall, england, UK
Sennen cove beach activities, people playing in the sand. west cornwall, england, UK

Sennen Cove is probably one of the most calm and peaceful places i've been to. Unlike so many other beaches around Europe, the beach was rather empty.
It has mossy rocks on one side of the coast and soft fine sand on the other. You see families either hanging out building a sandcastle, or skipping from rock to rock. Older people were chilling side by side on deck chairs, parents were carrying their babies and strolling along the coast, and everyone was looking out to the crashing waves where amateur surfers attempted to ride waves and stand on their surfboards.
Blue skies, fluffy clouds, soft sand, and the sound of the waves hitting the shore, this place definitely left a good memory.

image of the waves and rocks of sennen cove in west cornwall, england, UK
Children playing on the beach in sennen cove west cornwall, england, UK
Waves and surfers surfing in sennen cove west cornwall, england, UK
Image of a family playing on the rocks in sennen cove along with seagulls and the ocean west cornwall, england, UK
image of the scenery in sennen cove west cornwall, england, UK

After hanging around Sennen Cove and appreciating it's peace and serenity, we took a bus ride up to the bustling town of St. Ives.
St. Ives is a gorgeous seaside town, with a very lovely fishing village vibe. I love how all the food places, shops and people are all located so near the coast line.
Instead of chilling at the beach and elbowing the other tourists/inhabitants, my friend and I decided to go up to The Island.
Initially, looking at the map, I thought The Island would be sort of like a forest/jungle with really high trees, and was mentally preparing myself for a good hike/trek.
But as we were walking towards it, I realised that there was, instead, a nice alleviated pathway that led to a wonderful view over the whole of St. Ives - the bay, beach, and houses around - with benches where people could rest, and a nice, huge, green lawn.
I bet people living in St. Ives go up to The Island for their morning run to enjoy the view, or even have a nice sunday picnic. I know I would!

St Ives streets west cornwall, england, UK
St ives the island in the background and its beach in the foreground west cornwall, england, UK
Beach sand and rocks in st ives west cornwall, england, UK
Landscape and scenery with seagulls in the picture west cornwall, england, UK
St. Ives, boats and houses with people strolling along the beach west cornwall, england, UK
Image of people and their boats in st ives west cornwall, england, UK
Image of the greenery and blue skies in st ives, west cornwall, england, UK
View of st Ives from The Island in west cornwall, england, UK
Image of the summer ocean and beaches in st ives west cornwall, england, UK

The great thing about England is that their summers are a wonderful 24-25 degrees celsius (compared to the dreaded 30s in Singapore all year round!) so early summer was the perfect time of the year to visit Cornwall, to explore the different coves, beaches and bays.
You not only get an awesome breeze, but you get warm sunshine, lesser rain, and everyone just seems a lot happier :)

That evening, my friend and I shared some awesome fresh cold crab, and a grilled salmon with the best mashed potatoes i've ever had. Pesto Mash. Thinking about it now just makes my mouth water!

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