5 Fun Facts: Cornwall

6 August 2015 Cornwall, UK

Clouds and reflection in the water in cornwall

Cornwall... Oh Cornwall. From my past few posts, you can probably tell how much I enjoyed my time in this corner of England.
Even though I spent a short 4 days in West Cornwall, I managed to see most of the region. Who knew England has such beautiful sights :) 
Also, huge thank you to Sarah from The Salty Sea Blog for giving me so many recommendations! I adore Sarah's blog posts, not to mention, her photos are stunning! The way she writes about her Cornish life is so appealing. Head on over to check her out! 

Anyway, here are 5 facts I discovered during my short time in Cornwall. Some totally unexpected!!

OOTD walking along the southwest coastal path in falmouth

1. They have the quirkiest names for places.
Remember Mousehole? Or Woodlane? It's not just names of cool places but they also have houses with their own names!
Corner house, The Seaside House, Sally's House. Oh, how adorable! Imagine if I had a house called Carina's house at the end of the street. Haha that'd be cool, wouldn't it? Or if I painted my house purple and named it "That Purple House". I guess I could do that to be honest. It's probably seen as some kind of a decoration instead of an actual address.

5 fun facts of conrwall. Image of mini boats at a harbour

2. Things along the coast (individual towns) are lively and bustling. But in between its just farms and large plots of grass.
By plots of grass I don't mean like weird patchy sad green plots. More like massive amount of green land/open fields with cows and horses etc.
When we were on the bus driving around from town to town, we passed by so many winding roads, large fields of grass, farms, animals, and probably 2 houses.
I think the region of west cornwall is such that most of the people stay within the town centres and the farmers would live slightly outside of the main town area.
It must be so hard to get to the actual town centre though. But I guess driving isn't a problem in Cornwall since its not as densely populated.

5 Fun facts of cornwall - yellow flowers bloomed on green fields as we drive across town to town

3. Buses don't stop at all bus stops
Oh, and sometimes they stop in the middle of the route to pick passengers up - we were one of them passengers.
See! The bus drivers in Cornwall are nice and kind. Road rage? What road rage? London and singaporean drivers can learn! Maybe it's because both london and singapore have pretty extensive bus services, the bus stops are so equipped, I've never experienced such a situation where there is a bus stop, but no busses ever stop there.
My friend and I were waiting at a bus stop right outside our hostel, but turns out, even though the signboard said there was the specific bus service we wanted, that bus didn't stop there!
Fortunately, the bus driver realised that we were 2 confused asian tourists, and stopped midway of the street and allowed up to board the bus. Apparently, we weren't the only confused ones.
In order to know which stops the buses stop at, we had to check another timetable. Not all bus stops are in service, some of them don't have ANY buses going to it. Glad we found out early!

View of penzance from the rocks and the sea in cornwall

4. The coastal paths, however, are AWESOME. You'll never get lost or confused following it.
This was probably the most surprising discovery for me. I was so impressed by how EASY it was to just follow the route. Firstly, there are sign boards everywhere along the coastal path, and if there aren't, you just gotta walk along the marked out path way/sandy route and you'll arrive it's great! Plus the scenery is always AMAZING. What's not to love? Walking has officially trumped taking the bus.

Greenery along the southwest coastal path in cornwall england
View of green fields and houses from the sennen cove beach

5. Smell of something everytime the wind blows
From horse/cow manor, to flowers, to the smell of the sea. I love that the winds in Cornwall are so strong that they carry all kinds of scent with them. Distinct ones might I add.
Remember how I talked about smelling the scent of real roses for the first time in my previous post?
When we were walking along the SW Coastal Path, we could smell all the wild flowers that were growing along the path way. It was so cool! I've never experienced anything like this; y'know, smelling flowers. I know how sea breeze smells like so that was a familiar scent, but i've always thought people were bullshitting when they wrote about how the wild flowers smelled like in books.
NO, Carina, THEY WERE NOT. It is indeed very very real. Lucky people of Cornwall! Especially in the spring/summer time when the flowers are all in full bloom! This experience will probably be etched in my memory for a long time.
(Yes, you can tell how much I love flowers. Don't judge.)

Beautiful blue skies and clear waters in penzance, cornwall, england

To be honest, I could have made this a 6 fun fact with number 6 being: There were no Asians, apart from my friend and I. But on my last night a whole bunch of Chinese tourists came into the hostel. And we did see another small group of asian students. So, that fact is no longer true.
It could probably be because my friend and I went to Cornwall early in the summer before the crowds arrived? Or that Cornwall is just too far for most tourists coming into England. I think Cornwall is a pretty brilliant place to visit, and more people should know about it.
I could have easily spent another week or 2 exploring the other regions (south, north/east) of Cornwall. Guess i'll have to go back again some day!

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