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12 October 2015 Singapore

Rooftops are one of those things people don't normally get access to. At least not that I think they do.
Living abroad and traveling around Europe, and even different parts of Asia, I've come to the realisation that very few people around the world have the experience of living in high rise buildings.

In Singapore, housing estates of up to 20 stories high are pretty much the norm since they are mostly public housing. Even the private housing estates, like condominiums, sometimes go up to at least 10 stories high. Most of the time, the top levels of such high buildings are inaccessible for obvious safety reasons, which could explain why I've never really gone to a roof top car park - apart from when my parents park the car up on the highest level because every other lot is taken.

Recently, I saw a friend's Instagram image of her on an empty rooftop car park, and decided to hunt it down. Much to my disbelieve, there are apparently quite a number of accessible rooftop car parks, and one was just RIGHT OPPOSITE my house! Of course, the building isn't 20 stories high, but being able to run around and play in the carparks - since there were no cars around - and seeing the view of the heartlands, the tall houses, from a higher ground is something quite unusual.

I remember lamenting about how all our HDB flats pretty much look alike, but this is something unique to the country, and somehow, in a way seems kind of cool.
Little experiences like these make me fall in love with Singapore and remind to be thankful to have the experience of growing up in such a unique city.
I think being able to discover little things about one's hometown, about the places around where one lives, is something important and makes life just that little bit more interesting and colourful. Am I right? Plus discovering quiet places like this rooftop carpark is an absolute gem for when I want to escape from the world, considering how Singapore is constantly so crowded and bustling!

On another note, I've recently discovered that my style has been shifting, from more colourful printed, bohemian, girly clothing items, to things that are more toned down. Single solid colours, and stripes, oh how I LOVE stripes. Who wouldn't love stripes? I think everyone can do with a little bit of stripes in their wardrobe am I right?
I think I can never get enough of striped clothing items. They don't ever go out of style do they? I seriously hope not!

Watch below for a lookbook I made styling stripes or if you want to see more features of that empty rooftop carpark.

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