The Prettiest River in Seoul

17 September 2016 Cheonggyecheon, Jongno 5(o).6(yuk)ga-dong, Seoul

Cheonggyecheon stream night view seoul night view

One of the popular couple hang out spots in Seoul is the Cheonggyecheon. A stream or river that flows through a huge part of Seoul.
To be honest, regardless of the size of the river, it would probably be really popular among couples. I mean, who wouldn't want to go on a date by a river, watch the street lights flicker, the water fountains dance and just let the night pass by, right?

seoul Cheonggye river night time
seoul Cheonggyecheon stream river night view korea travel

What's romantic atmosphere of the Cheonggye stream is further enhanced with lights behind the main fountain, reflecting through the ripples of the water, and a rainbow light display under the main bridge. As you can tell from the photos, despite it being dark outside, there were still people chilling by the river.

There were families with their kids, friends with some bottles of beer, it was such a lovely chilled out environment.

night view of the river in seoul korea
night lights, view and food in seoul korea

Strolling along the river makes for a great night time activity in Seoul (if you're, like me, not that into the whole clubbing scene).

With such a pretty view at night, you'd think thats when people would flock to the river. Turns out, it's just as photogenic in the day!

seoul day time architecture and river view Cheonggyecheon stream
artwork along seoul Cheonggyecheon stream

Lined with tons of greenery (it was summer time!), the beautiful tall buildings as it's background, and a long park along the both banks.
This river is the perfect place for family picnics or an afternoon stroll. I'd bet people walk along the river during lunch or work breaks as well.

In addition to the view, walking along the river bank in the day gives you the opportunity to admire the artistic depiction of one of the historical journeys taken by one of the kings in the Joseon monarch. The series of illustration chronologically highlights the journey taken by the king to visit his father's grave.

Cheonggyecheon stream day time view
Cheonggyecheon stream
Cheonggyecheon stream seoul korea travel

If you're going to be in Seoul,  I would highly recommend visiting the Cheonggyecheon both in the night and day to get the full experience this lovely stream has to offer!

Plus, it's free and super accessible, after stuffing yourself with Korean food, a leisure stroll is the least you could do :)

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