Best of Architecture - Gaudí House, Casa Batlló

6 November 2014 Casa Batlló, Passeig de Gràcia, 43, 08007 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Couple of posts back, I talked about Sagrada Familia, a beautifully designed church by the famous Antoni Gaudí. Another architecture beauty designed by Gaudí is the Casa Batlló, and I was just as excited whilst visiting it. 

We visited the house in the day, but I much prefer its facade in the night

In my opinion, Casa Batlló isn't very big. It does look different from the buildings beside it, but not in an "in your face" way. Its subtle, but I swear its beautiful.
You have to go in. Just pay for the entrance fees, and take the tour.

Between Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, we chose to visit Casa Batlló because I preferred the facade of Casa Batlló and there was some sort of construction going on in Casa Milà. Observing the number of tourist and the queue at both houses, many seem to agree with me.

But don't worry about the queue - though it may look quite long, it sure moves fast!

Talking about the Facade of Casa Batlló, it's so cool that it has 3 different segments. Casa Batlló is sometimes termed as the skeleton building, because of the way it is designed. The design of the facade seems to resemble something halloween-esque. I can't even attempt to describe it, so i'll just let the picture do the talking.

Another reason to pay 18+ euros for the entrance fees is - The audio guide for the Casa Batlló is really good. It is detailed and interactive, plus they pose thought provoking questions throughout the tour. Which I really liked. 
Such little things made the whole tour a lot more entertaining and enjoyable. 
Unfortunately, my camera battery died half way through, so these photos are mostly from Jerald's camera.

Gaudi's inspiration for this house seem to be like the ocean or water, with all the curvy lines and wavy textures. It looked really dreamy, and evoked a calming sensation when you're walking around.
Once again, it's unfathomable, the amount of talent it took to design something like this. 

The ceilings, the stairs, the handrails for the stairs, the windows, the doors, the DOOR HANDLES  - yes, even the handles were ergonomically designed - were just designed to complement each other so seamlessly.

My favourite part was this central "channel" through the whole building. It is something like a light well and was designed to allow natural light into the house. An idea that only comes from a Brilliant Mind.
When you look up through the channel, you'll just be amazed at its design.

On the upper floors of the building, the hallways and stairs were all white. And I LOVE WHITE. So yes, I was very excited!

The audio guide said that the design of the hallway resembled something like a ribcage of a huge animal. And at that moment I thought "that is so true!!" 

I never liked paying for entrance fees into museums / buildings - yes I have been spoilt by all the free entrances I got during my time Paris. Nevertheless, If you're ever in Barcelona, there is no reason to not go into Casa Batlló. It IS worth it. I just wish the house was bigger so I could see more and hear more about the inspirations behind the talented mind of Gaudi.

On the highest floor of the building, you get to see the designs of the chimneys. The colourful  rooftop reminded me of a dragon tail. Haha! Maybe its just me and my imagination, but there is a slight resemblance.

Here's something funny - Whilst editing the photo above, I was thinking to myself "Damn why is that girl there, should I attempt to photoshop her away?" But, I don't really photoshop and alter my photos too much, so I left it as it is, and I  JUST realise, that girl is me.

I don't have a picture of the room labelled 16, but it was suppose to be for a water storage tank, and when you go in to the room,  you really do feel like you're IN a water tank. Like the mermaid living in the water tank in the show Aquamarine - don't know how that reference came about.
But it was so cool to hear the drops of water, and see how they designed the lighting in the room to mimic that of being underwater.
I'm not too sure if its just a touristy gimmick, but I liked the "hollow" feeling you get when you're in that room.

From the chunk of text and 9 pictures, you can tell that I WANT to live here. 
I wish modern day buildings have that much detail to them. I get that in this day and age everything needs to be sleek, clean and minimalistic. But sometimes I wish we could turn back time and have buildings designed like this.

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