4 November 2014 Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

I'm a small-meal-many-meals kind of girl.

I hardly ever eat my money's worth at buffets and I can never finish a three course meal without skipping lunch.
Another thing is, I'm really fickle when it comes to food. Every time I open a menu, I feel like having 3 different things on it. Thats just because I want to try how different dishes taste like.

I've always had problems with finishing my food. Somehow, portions just come too big, and I have trouble stuffing my face without puking.
When I was in secondary school, I had friends who didn't like me because I couldn't finish my food and refused to hang out with me (?! till this day I don't get it.) From ages 5 to 9 whenever I couldn't finish the breakfast given to me - which was double of what my siblings had on their plate - I would have to sit at the front door with my plate and not be allowed into the house unless I finish every bit of food - thinking back, its pretty hilarious!
This is why, ever since I was young, I LOVE having huge chinese style dinners with my whole extended family because it means having the liberty to control how much food I want to eat, and stopping when I'm full.

Eating out in European countries has not always been pleasant. I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend how people can finish a starter, a main plus a drink, and a basket of bread, all by themselves. When Jerald and I eat out in various european countries, and when we met up with my friends in Belgium, we faced a certain kind of judgement from waiters taking our orders when we don't order "enough". For a guy, Jerald does not have a big appetite, neither does he have the habit of finishing others' food (my younger brother does that for me a lot) because he's the only child. So most of the time, we share a main course and 1 or 2 side dishes. Whenever we order 2 main course dishes, We end up leaving 1/4 of mine behind because the portion is too big, which is such a waste.

Can I just digress and say - THE CHURROS WERE AWESOME.

Sharing main courses doesn't seem like a norm in to the places i've been to - say Paris and Brussels. People don't say anything to your face, but you know you're being marginalised/seen as less affluent/judged by the "insufficient" quantity of food you order, or for sharing a main course with another person. On more than one occasion, it led to very unpleasant meals, and dampened our day.

I seldom eat with people who don't have the ability to share food. Not to be rude, but I think food taste ALOT better when its being shared. This is probably due to upbringing. A huge part of my childhood was spent hanging around my siblings and my cousins, so food was always being shared.

Besides, it's not my fault I get full after half of such a big portion. And, what if I want to save some space in my stomach for dessert! :(

The great thing about our experience in Barcelona was, we could go to a restaurant or a café and just order 3 Tapas and 1 Paella, and there would be NO FORM OF JUDGEMENT. Nothing.
The waiters will not questioned if you want more food after you say "That's all!" They just get right on serving you, and asking if you had a great meal, or if the food was to your liking.
Since Tapas come in smaller portions, there was once Jerald and I had 10 different tapas dishes for dinner - It was AWESOME.

I love Paella as well, but after eating it for  few meals, I get bored. Plus the portion for Paella is huge - like any other european food portion to my small asian tummy - it nice to be able to share!

I absolutely love the concept of Tapas. I enjoyed EVERY SINGLE ONE of my meals in Barcelona! I really liked how I could sample different dishes and keep going without feeling like I'm about to burst my tummy. It kind of reminded me a little bit about Dim Sum. Every time Jerald asked "What do you want to eat?" I just went "TAPAS!" it was always Tapas. And I was not tired of it because there were so many options!

I think all restaurants should serve food in small portion size - Tapas style. Its such a genius idea. I reckon restaurants will earn lot more from this, and it also makes it easier to achieve a healthy balance diet for each meal.

Food in order of appearance - in case any one wants to know - Bread and Hummus // Pulled Chicken Burger // Mussels and Fries // Spanish Omelette - I love! // Churros with Hot Chocolate and a Slice of Lemon Curd Tart //  Mushroom Risotto with Cheese // Bacon with Paprika // Fried Baby Squid - so so good especially with lemon! // Amazing Pistachio Flaky Goodness I don’t know the name of // Chicken and Seafood Paella // Chicken and Sausage Noodles Paella // Potato salad with Salmon // Lemon Pound Cake // Apple Tarte Tartin.

My favourite of all would be the toasted bread with hummus. I don't think its traditionally spanish, but the bar  did an amazing job with the hummus! I generally don't like chickpeas, but I finished every last bit of that hummus. My food experience in Barcelona was not shot of amazing - I felt really good and happy after every meal!!


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