Experiencing Sound of Music in the Snow - Salzburg, Austria

27 February 2015 Salzburg, Austria

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Edelweiss, Edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever 
It is so hard to choose my favourite song from the Sound of Music Musical. I remember the first time watching it at twelve (or thirteen), and was obsessed with all the songs on it. Not to mention, Do-re-mi was sung to me multiple times when I was a baby. Also, Favourite Things is such an addictive song, (Told you I couldn't choose!) Naturally, I would put Salzburg on my list of cities in Europe to visit. Going to Salzburg in the winter means dealing with constant snow, and freezing temperatures. Regardless, it was a memorable 1.5 days spent in that lovely city.

On our first day in Salzburg, after settling in to our hostel, Jerald and I went to a few of the places that were recommended to us by the people in the hostel (apparently there was a route we could walk which had a few of the attractions related to the musical).
We hit up Mirabelplatz, headed past the famous bridge and towards the old town. The river was gorgeous especially with the fog above it. The snow meant that it was hard to take pictures, and everything was slightly foggy, but it made the river and the landscape appear so mystical!
That night, we went to the common room in the hostel and watched the sound of music musical. I was so happy they were playing it (they screening it every night!) I almost forgot how much I loved Julie Andrews before this trip!

On the second day, we decided to take the Sound of Music bus tour. It was actually just a usual hop on hop off tour, but we had the choice of tuning into a Sound of Music Channel.
The great thing about the hop-on-hop-off tour was that we could go to places further, that would have probably taken us forever to walk there in the snow.
We got to visit the compound where they filmed at for the garden of the VonTrapp Family house and the pond they fell in and all got drench.

As it was snowing pretty heavily, there weren't many people that got off the bus at each stop, that mean that we had the area to ourselves to explore.

Of all the places we visited my favourite was Petersfriedhof, the cemetery that inspired the cemetery scene in the Sound of Music. In my opinion, the cemetery looked a lot better in the snow that in would in the summer (base on pictures i've seen). Not to mention, there was a bakery nearby that had the most amazing home made bread for just 1 euro! It was such a treat.

I don't want to sound like a whiner, but my least favourite attraction was the Pavilion. It looked exactly like that in the film, but a MINI version. As I was walking and searching for the pavilion, I had this theory that i'd be able to dance in it like what they did in the musical when they sang "16 going on 17" - and that was my instagram photo idea - but alas, it was a small pavilion that was closed. You can imagine my disappointment after singing the song multiple times as I was walking there.
Jerald and I came to the conclusion that they couldn't have filmed it in this Pavilion, and it was a set.

If I were to be incredibly honest, at times, I did get annoyed by the weather. The snow was so heavy I felt a little under the weather (literally!) and my fingers and toes were freezing from the cold despite my boots and gloves. Especeially when we had to wait for the bus because they weren't always on time (sometimes early other times late). It was so unlike the musical! That is not to say I didnt enjoy myself, because I did! I loved seeing how the places is like covered in snow. I was imagining what it would be like if they filmed the musical in the snow. It would have been so enchanting.

The Hills~ Are Aliveeee, with the Sound of Musicccc~

Even though Salzburg was popularised by the Sound of Music Musical, I must say the city itself is incredibly beautiful in the winter. White horses trotting by (and we all know how much i LOVE that),  beautiful landscapes with the mountains, warm lights along the narrow streets of the old town, and mouth-watering food markets in the morning.
I would love to visit a city like Salzburg in the summer - it would be exactly like the musical. Still, an experience in the snow like this is not one that I would have ever experienced if I did not go on this trip, for that I have absolutely no regrets :)
Plus, since there weren't many people at the various points of attractions, I could belt out the sound of music songs and imagine I was in the winter version of the musical!

Have you watched The Sound of Music? Which winter-version-scene did you manage to recognise?

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