My First Snowman!

15 February 2015 English Garden, Munich, Germany

Do you wanna build a snowmannnnnnn!!!~
Or ride our bikes around the halls?~
I have this thing where I sing songs non-stop when I'm in a different city. It started of with sweater weather, and I go " 'Cause its to cooo-oo-oo-old oh oh, for me here, and now, so let me puuuut both my hands in the holes of my pocket." I'm one of those annoying people that have a terrible singing voice and yet enjoys changing the lyrics. I just realised I was probably really annoying seeing as I repeat the same line over and over and over again, as if its the only line from the song I know. There's a quirky traveling habit I have, please don't judge!

Anyway, if you don't know, this year is the first time i've seen and experienced the snow. First time EVER. In fact, it is the first time i've gone to a place where the temperature hits a single digit value! At 21 years of age, I FINALLY SAW SNOW. Time to cross that off my bucket list! I must say, I really do enjoy seeing snow on the ground, but I absolutely cannot stand having it fall all over my face, and eyes.
So on New Years Eve, I was ecstatic that there was snow on the ground, but none falling from the sky! Instead of doing what people typically do - going for parties and drinking the night away, I chose to make walk around a german market, observing kids run around and have snowball fights, trying (and failing) to have one with jerald, and drinking the best warm honey wine ever - IT WAS SO SO GOOD. It did not have too much of an alcoholic taste to it, but at the same time was not too sweet. I loved it!
After which, we went to the English Garden in Munich and I BUILT MY VERY FIRST SNOWMAN!!!

You know how kids get really excited when they see snow for the first time? Well that was me when I was building Mr Snowman (yes that is his name, even though it looks more like a boy than a mister).
Inititally, I thought i'd be really bad at building a snowman, I mean, you've got to like roll the snow into a ball, compact it, and make sure it looks like a ball all at the same time. I thought "Oh it's probably like rolling rice balls, or cookie dough." but no, it isn't! Regardless, I think Jerald and I did a pretty good job! Well, I did a better job because I made BOTH the head and the body and then proceeded to help with making the base.
But we'll give points to Jerald for sacrificing his scarf so that Mr Snowman doesn't look naked.

Whilst we were putting on the eyes for the snowman, a dog came running towards us (because we had food in our bags) and I remember protecting the snowman and making Jerald block the dog from toppling our snowman over. Dedication indeed.  The owners of the dog must be thinking "Whats up with this overly excited girl? It is JUST SNOW." Because they didn't seem to care too much that their dog was endangering the life of my snowman. It was not easy building it.
I think I'm being melodramatic again, aren't I?
It felt as though that snowman was my kid or something. I was so sad to leave it behind! The snowman is just too cute!

That's one of my new years eve stories for you. So glad I got to indulge in my inner child and build a snowman.  The only thing i've ever built successfully was a half falling sandcastle. Indeed 31st of December 2014 was a proud day for me - Cheap thrills and little achievements.

P.S. We did go and try to catch the fireworks at midnight, but everyone was out in the streets a little tipsy, and setting off their own fire works, there wasn't a fireworks show like how i'd expect it to normally be. I was so freaking scared of people lighting off their own fireworks and throwing bang snaps when there are people everywhere. I nearly went into a frenzy. I think it was the first time i've ever freaked out over something, and Jerald got really REALLY annoyed by my behaviour. The thing is, where I come from, fireworks aren't allowed, and neither are bang snaps. Truth be told, i'm really glad for that rule, because every time I hear one of those explosive sounds, I feel as though they'd hit right in my leg or blow up in my face! I can remember the fear up till now.
New year, New fear. Am I the only one? Or do you share this fear?

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