Sunsets Over Charles Bridge - Prague, Czech Republic

7 February 2015 Charles Bridge, Praha 1-Staré Město, Czech Republic

charles bridge colours
Everyone loves a beautiful sunset. There is something wonderful watching how the colours of the sky change from one to another and they bleed and blend into each other. I went to Prague over christmas, and unexpectedly, the weather was fantastic. There was no snow or rain and was sunny all three days I was there.

Having clear sunny skies meant that I got to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets ever. Its amazing how the colours of sunsets can be so different from day to day. Watching the sunset over the famous Charles Bridge in Prague was unbelievable because I just couldn't believe what I saw. It started off slightly cloudy with a little yellow and orange tones, and so I thought it wouldn't be one of those vibrant sunsets that we get to see during clear summer days. But when the sun began to set, the clouds started disappearing. The pink orange yellow was so unrealistic, but yet it was there right in front of me. Jerald termed it "paddle pop skies" because that exactly what it looked like. As if children's were splashing paint all over the sky or little angels above the clouds were eating paddle pop and they started melting all over the sky. Me and my imagination.

Sunset Prauge Old City CentreBaroque statues along charles bridgePanoramic View of prague castleSunset over charles bridge and riverStatue along charles bridge
Sunset over charles bridge and colourful houses

The most unexpected thing was that the sun was setting AWAY from the bridge, so on one side of the bridge you would have dusty blues and greys slowly darkening as the sun crept away from it, but on the other side, it was a burst of colours. I took these photographs on my Iphone6, and you know how sometimes colours appear a lot more vibrant on the iPhone? That was probably the first time I was using my iPhone to take photographs as my DSLR ran out of battery, and I remember being so impressed with the phone.

I remember thinking "What people were saying about the latest iPhone camera is SO TRUE. It captures the colours SO SO WELL." Good Job APPLE.

Sunset over charles bridge and river 2Sunset over charles bridge and river 3Sunset over charles bridge and river
I was walking from one baroque statue to another the whole 7 to 10 minutes the sun was setting, trying to position them such that the sun appeared to be setting behind them, and trying to capture these artistic shots I had in my mind. But well... These are the best i've got, unfortunately.

Whilst we were walking along the bridge, we saw the same couple we met while climbing up to the roof to the Battle of the Nations Monument in Leipzig. It just made the whole experience more heartwarming. That coincidental bump in reminds me of how the world is so big and yet so small, and that you will never know who you meet or who will come into your life again. Whose path you'll cross and whose life you'll impact, or who will impact you. #deepthinkingmuch?

Sunset over charles bridge Shadows of statuesCharles bridge Shadows of statues
And this. This last photo is my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE. Jerald was standing behind me as I used my iPhone to attempt to do one of those "artistic shots", and he just said "Ok don't move", then proceeded to rest the camera on top of my head and snapped a shot. It turned out better than he expected I would presumed, because he was thoroughly pleased with himself.

Charles Bridge Shot on Shot
That photo honestly just symbolised what I was doing on the bridge the whole time. Just so you know, my hands were almost completely outstretched so as to crop out all of the tall european (who am I kidding, most asians are taller than me too) tourists that were walking by. Sigh, the problems with being too short.

Would you like to see a paddle pop sky sunset? Or do you think it's too unrealistic? Comment below!

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