Outfit Diary: Wooden Houses, Backyards & Café-Hopping - Bergen, Norway

4 June 2015 Bryggen, Bergen, Norway

Picture of outfit with spring flowers in bergen norway

Hello June! Its officially summer, but I'm just starting on the week of intense examination (one paper everyday!) So as much as I would like to be basking in the sunshine, galavanting around Hyde Park in warm weather clothes (hello bare legs), taking photographs and sharing them on this space, i'm alternating being stuck in an examination hall, or my room preparing for the next paper.

Well, guess i'll just reminisce the good times I had during my spring Scandinavian trip.
The weather was rather gloomy for a significant amount of time whilst I was Scandinavia, my last few days in Bergen were welcomed with sunny mornings and rainy evenings. It was the same cycle, bright sun in the morning, but by 3pm, it would be drizzling. By evening? Rain.
Thankfully, i'm pretty uppety when I'm traveling, so I'm always out and about by 9-10am!

Picture of main church and street in bergen
Old man reading outside a café
picture of watering flowers in the spring bergen norway

Despite the less than ideal weather (Meaning the lack of heat. Ok, its expected for Scandinavia), the sight of blooming flowers never failed to make the day a little happier.
Having lived in a (HOT) tropical country my whole life, this year is the first time I literally see flowers bloom!
I never thought it would have such a great uplifting effect to my mood. But it did. It was almost like magic, you sleep, wake up the next day, and poof flowers are just casually looking all pretty and cool, like they were there all along.

You can probably tell that I love flowers. Yeap. I really do. People say diamonds are a girl's best friend, and maybe it is because I can't afford diamonds, so I don't comprehend, but I think flowers should be a girl's best friend.
I love that they are different, and yet all so beautiful and special in their own way, just like women ;)

Bikbiok top and forever21 skirt white outfit
outfit of the day picture with flowers
Gold Carlo rino shoes, forever21 skirt and bikbok shirt

Bergen has loads of quirky stalls, interesting motifs, and walls and walls of vibrant graffiti, but out of everything, my favourite was this quote I passed by every time I came out of my hostel.
It was on a building just round the corner, and it said, "There are a lot of good people around."
It wasn't part of a decoration for anything, it was just there, reminding people of the goodness in this world. Lovely isn't it? We should have more slogans like this plastered on walls.

picture of bergen streets "There are a lot of good people around" wall text
Picture of interior deco store in bergen
Image of bergen Gratten Old houses by the harbour
Bergen colourful wooden houses by the bryggen

After spending most of my mornings exploring the city, by the time afternoon came about, I find myself looking for shelter from the drizzle. Typically, I'm not one to advocate the idea of café-hopping, but Bergen had one too many lovely, artsy cafés it was so hard to resist!

I love food, that's a fact. Come 3pm, when the rain starts to get heavy, my brain loses, and my stomach wins. I crave cake and a sweet drink, so naturally, I look for a café.
One of my favourite place to hang out in Bergen is the Bryggen. Not only is it wide, spacious and you get to see boats sail by, the old wooden houses line up side by side just along the harbour brings a wonderful rustic charm to the place. These old wooden houses now house interesting shops, and the way they are designed meant that there were several back alleys. Best of all, I found a hidden café on the inside courtyard called Café Basement.

Old wooden houses in bergen
old wooden houses image of bergen bryggen
wooden houses image in bergen norway
Picture of quirky shops in bergen norway near the bryggen
Exterior of cafe basement in bergen norway

I know, its located on the ground floor, so technically it should be café ground floor, but that doesn't have a nice ring to it. Ok, the exterior does look like its located in the basement of a house considering there are a few floors above it. Anyway, the café was nice and cozy, with dim lights, cushions on the chairs, and a cute succulent on each table.

Interiror of Cafe basement in bergen norway
picture of banana cake and elderflower tea in cafe basement

I'm not all that great with food photography, and the dim lights, though add to the vibe and atmosphere, makes it hard to take a good photo. Even though it is not particularly photogenic, that was the best banana cake i've ever had. Chocolate coated banana cake with caramel on the bottom and topped of with toasted nuts - trust me it was good.
I had a nice elderflower/lavender mix drink that had a really weird name. I wanted to go for a latte, but when I saw that name (that I can't remember) on the menu, I just went for it. It was something along the line of a "Bergen Special"? Definitely something quirkier than that, but you get the gist.

bergen norway white stripes on white skirt outfit
interior of a cafe in bergen norway
pumpkin soup and seed bread in cafe

I know I said I'm not a fan of café-hopping (I like going to cafés its just not very budget friendly for me), but I did it anyway. It is quite ironic considering Norway is really expensive. Regardless, the simple minimalistic interiors coupled with nice friendly norwegians, and my need to try everything food wise, made it too hard to resist.

After enjoying my cake, I continued walking around for a short while until the rain came back, and found myself at café number 2. This time I went for pumpkin soup with seeded bread.
When I was at the counter, the lady asked what type of bread I wanted. I looked up and saw a range of 10 different options, but none of it was white. Backstory: I only eat white bread, and I'm not a fan of wholemeal, seeds, or anything else. So, I just stared back with a blank look on my face.
She recommended one of them, and assured me that it would be nice. To my surprise, IT WAS.
Now I'm finally able to give brown coloured bread with seeds in them a chance!

striped bikbok top and forever 21 skirt outfit spring gold shoes
What I Wore
Shirt: Bik Bok
Denim Skirt: Forever 21
Gold Shoes: Carlo Rino
Coat: coldwear.sg
Watch: nakedglory.sg
My meal at the 2nd cafe was more than satisfying, and after I was done, the rained had stopped, the sun was out again, and the skies were blue once more. I was too full to hop to a third café, so I opted for a nice walk around the park to work off the food I had, and to soak in as much of the sun as I could before the rain came back.

Park in the centre of bergen norway

I'm definitely looking forward to more lovely chilled out days like that. Roaming around stranger's backyards, admiring the flowers by the street, leisure strolls around the park, and enjoying a (few) good meal, something I would enjoy doing once finals is over.
I need my summer vacation right now!

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