Sunflower Field in Jeju, Korea

13 August 2016

sunflower field jeju korea

When I was first deciding what places to visit in Jeju, I looked up on Instagram #jeju - as you do in this day and age, and found pictures of people posing with sunflowers.
I sent it to Jerald and insisted that we put it in our plans to visit these sunflowers, but later realised that it was NOT sunflower season. Also, upon some research we also realised it was kinda far away, and so we didn't have definite plans to check out the Kimkyungsuk Sunflower farm.

But, as you can see from this photos, we made it there!

We had sometime on our last morning in Jeju, and upon speaking with our hostel receptionist, that there was a bus that goes to the fields and so off we went.

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sunflower field jeju korea outfit ootd travel outfits

The fields are somewhere along the highway, and to be honest, is rather inaccessible unless one is driving. We took bus 702 (701 works too) from the central bus stop in Jeju, asked the driver which stop was the one we should alight, and we GOT THERE!

Before entering the fields, we saw half a field of dried up sunflowers and thought all hope was lost, but, the lady managing the area told us to head on in and that the sunflowers were inside. We did, and came face-to-face with a gorgeous field of tall sunflowers!
Here is us pretending we're sunflowers facing the sun!

Kimkyungsuk Sunflower field
Kim kyung suk Sunflower farm
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korea travel outfit fashion sunflower field jeju korea

What I'm WearingDress: Asos | Outerwear: | Sunglasses: Aldo | Shoes: Carlo Rino

Kimkyungsuk Sunflower farm jeju korea outfit travel fashion
korea summer outfit sunflower field jeju korea
bees and sunflowers Kimkyungsuk Sunflower farm jeju korea

I've always love flowers. ADORED them with all my heart. When I was in Amsterdam 2 years ago, I did not get the chance to visit Keukenhof and it wasn't the tulip season. I wanted to visit provence to see the gorgeous lavender fields, but never got the chance either.

Visiting this sunflower field is by far the closest experience to that.

Kimkyungsuk Sunflower farm jeju korea
Kim kyung suk Sunflower farm jeju korea

I absolutely love the fact that these sunflowers are almost my height - well technically because i'm short. Made me feel like I was one of them sunflowers.

I'd love to have visited the fields when sunflowers were in season, or during a time when the weather wasn't bloody scorching hot, but spending a few hours in the morning and getting to see these flowers - and not getting sting by the bees flying around - was sufficiently awesome!

sunflower field jeju korea ootd fashion summer outfit travel

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