The Best (Home Cooked!) Korean Food in Jeju, Korea

17 August 2016

Best soups in jeju korea kimchi chigae hangover soup

After frolicking around in this sunflower field, we were starving and in need of some good food for lunch. As we were waiting for the bus back into the city centre of Jeju, a cab pulled up and told us the bus only comes every half an hour. Considering the fact that we were starving, we hopped on to the cab and headed for what we hoped was going to be the BEST black pork BBQ in Jeju.

Upon arriving to that recommended place, we realised it was closed. It only opens at 2pm. Bummer. It was only 1 in the afternoon and we did not have sufficient time to wait till 2, as we had to catch a flight to Seoul. Sadly, we began roaming around looking for an alternative.

Best and affordable food in jeju korea kimchi chigae hangover soup
Best authentic korean food soups in jeju korea kimchi chigae hangover soup

As we were looking left and right for a nice eating place that serves authentic Korean food, we stumbled upon this tiny shop with only 4 tiny tables - the ones where you sit on the floor cross legged - 3 of those tables were occupied by Korean businessmen. Looking at the pictures (since the entire menu was in Korean) we abided by the "if there are locals eating means its serves good local food" rule and headed in.

Everyone in the shop was having the same soup meal, and both Jerald and I were so confused as to what to get, we ended up pointing at a picture that looked similar to what everyone was having, and then added on a bowl of Kimchi Chigae.
When we pointed to the image of the soup, we got some laughter from both the owners and others eating in the shop, after a quick word translation on the phone, we realised we ordered a bowl of HANGOVER SOUP. A soup for when you're hungover. Not exactly a common dish.

Best authentic korean food soups in jeju korea kimchi chigae hangover soup
awesome soup and food in jeju korea kimchi chigae hangover soup

Nevertheless, the food was SUPERB. This Hangover Soup has my stamp of approval. I loved that the 2 soups came with so much vegetables and ingredients in them, along with a ton of delicious side dishes.

The atmosphere is one that was homey, the food, really yummy and authentic, was prepared by 2 Korean ladies.
After the 3 tables of men left, 2 kids came out and began studying on the same tables.
I don't think we walked into and actual restaurant, but more of a tiny family business where these 2 Korean ladies could earn some money during lunch. I'm not quite sure.

Restaurant or not, this place served MY BEST MEAL in Jeju, and one of the best meals during my time in Korea. Not to mention, it was so affordable! The total bill came up to only 11, 000 won (US$11).
Writing this, I just wish I could teleport back and have those 2 delicious bowls of soup again.

Best food authentic korean soup restaurant in jeju korea kimchi chigae hangover soup

Here's the shop front for any of you readers who can read Korean. I wish I could give more information because they deserve the promo, but I don't speak/read/write korean. So, do a quick search using their phone number and you'd probably get the location of this shop! It's a definite MUST VISIT.

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