Waterfalls and Lava Rocks in Jeju Korea

21 August 2016 Jeju-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

I did a 5-fun-facts about Korea post, but never really specified anything  about Jeju Island. As I have mentioned in my previous Jeju posts, Jeju, although is  an island, is MASSIVE! It is 4x the size of Seoul! But, what I failed to mention previously is that this island was created solely by multiple volcanic eruptions. As such, the entire island is actually made out of hardened lava rocks and magma from the eruptions. With a history like that, it is no wonder why Jeju is filled with the most impressive scenery,  beautiful rocks, amazing waterfalls, and so many tourists!

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During our time in Jeju, we got the chance to visit a couple of beautiful waterfalls and a cliff made out of lava rocks. Despite the crazy heat and the really crowded attractions (wished there were less people around so I could take better photos though), we enjoyed it.
Not to mention, i'm all for visiting nature sights during my travels, getting to see these waterfalls and cliffs were awesome!

Jusangjeolli cliff in jeju, korea

This cliff boasts probably the BEST view of hexagonal lava rocks and columns in Jeju. Jeju is an   island created from multiple volcano explosions, when the lava from these explosions come into   contact with water, they immediately crystalise, forming these marvelous hexagonal pillars. The beauty about Jeju is you not only get to see lava rocks all around it’s coastline, you also get to   see lovely waterfalls, and the gorgeous view of the ocean. These slippery natural rocks can be found   all around the base of the waterfalls in Jeju. This waterfall visit was part of the    Yeha West Course Tour, and it is    the only waterfall in Korea that   falls into the ocean.   Compared to other waterfalls i’ve    visited, isn’t as impressive. But, as   a lover of all things water, I loved it just the same.
jeonbang waterfall in jeju waterfall and lava rocks

You probably can't see it from these pictures, but the Jeonbang waterfalls, being the only waterfall that falls straight into the ocean, was CROWDED. SO popular among tourists. The base of the waterfall was made out of huge rocks - no sand, no even ground, just ROCKS. It was kind of difficult to navigate, but well, you gotta go for it.
There were kids climbing all over these huge rocks, with no fear some even swimming and playing near the ocean. I'd totally be down for an ocean swim if we weren't on the Yeha tour, and if there wasn't as many people.

jeonbang waterfalls image and pictures of jeju korea

The 2nd day of our Yeha Tour, we visited the Cheonjeyeon waterfall, located in a park with 3 other waterfalls. The cheonjeyeon one is the biggest, and probably the most popular. Similar to when we were visiting the Jeonbang waterfalls, we were on the Yeha Tour and that meant not being able to stay for a really long time.
But I didn't really mind it because there was jut way too many people around.

This was the 2nd waterfall we visited  during our Jeju Trip. Unlike the first, this park, home to 3 different waterfalls  has a long river flowing through it and  tons of green trees all around the falls. Just like the Jeonbang falls, there were many lava rocks around the base, but sadly. you cant get close to the falls.

Because, there were larger rocks around, a river stream flowing down, everyone was climbing around the rocks trying to get to different points to get a good view of or a picture with the waterfall.
Stupidly I wore my favourite Nike sneakers, and did not want to ruin them with the water, so... I stayed on the safe side while jerald went climbing those rocks.

Nevertheless, I CAUGHT A R A I N B O W. That's all that matters. :)

Cheonjeyeon waterfall in jeju korea
Cheonjeyeon waterfall jeonbang waterfall, junsangjeolli cliff

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