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18 November 2016 Hong Kong

3 famous instagram spots in hongkong, sai wan swimming shed

Having visit a city multiple times and returning back again is always lovely.
1. You already know your way around or at least how to get around
2. You don't have to revisit the typical tourist destinations (done and dusted!)
3. You get to venture out to other less well known places
4. You can take your own time visiting the places you want to visit!

This trip to Hong kong was my 3rd time there, and this time, I went with my cousin and my aunt. Since we've all been to Hong kong, and we weren't exactly in the mood to do too much shopping damage, we had sometime to hit up pretty Instagram-able locations in the city.

hong kong instagram spot sai wan swimming shed

These places were definitely not located near train stations or bus stops, but having the luxury of time meant that we could spend more time hunting down these Instagram spots that hong kong residents speak of and spend some time taking photographs there!

1 | Sai Wan Swimming Shed

The first spot we headed to was this abandoned old swimming shed.
A place slowly gaining traction and #hastag hits on the Instagram community.

sai wan swimming shed in hong kong mount davis
Sai wan swimming shed location and view
abandoned swimming shed in hongkong taking instagram shots in hongkong sai wan swimming shed

Because we visited this spot at around 4 in the afternoon and it was a rather cloudy/rainy day, we did not get to see the beautiful sunset one would get in the summer, but it also meant that we did not have to deal with the line of tourists that forms (as I gathered from some Instagram posts), just to take a picture of the shed/with the shed.

As of now it isn't as crowded of a spot as other Instagram destinations, but once the word gets out, I don't think i'd be going on a 50 minute bus ride just for a photograph.
Although, if you're into fishing, sitting at the edge of the shed and catching some fishes might be a great idea.

instagram spot sai wan swimming shed in hongkong
swimming shed abandoned at hong kong mount davis sai wan

2 | Colourful Steps at Yau Ma Tei

This spot we stumbled on by accident. We were walking along the streets of Yau Ma Tei after lunch locating the bus stop to take a bus to the Sai Wan Swimming Shed when we passed by these 2 rows of beautifully painted steps.

We were definitely not the only ones taking photographs there, but the steps were so long that each segment was painted a different pattern, which makes for multiple Instagram shots at one location. For a full view of the steps, see here!

street art painted steps in yau ma tei
street art in hong kong painted steps in yau ma tei instagram location

I'm pretty sure there are more street art and graffiti areas in Hong Kong, but it was lovely to just stumble upon these 2 rows of steps as we were casually walking around the streets of Yau Ma Tei!

hong kong streets decoration, colorful lanterns

3 | Clustered Houses in Quarry Bay

hong kong quarry bay mansions
old high rise buildings in quarry bay hong kong
instagram houses in quarry bay

Quarry Bay was the last spot we stopped at to shoot whilst our Instagram mission was still in operation, before the rain came and stopped it.
These houses are best viewed at during the night time when the lights come on, but we weren't staying on Hong kong island, so that made it difficult for us to visit this location at night.

The good thing about this location is that there were several little platforms you could climb on to get the perfect photograph. And because its hidden in sort of like a back alley, you don't get the judgemental looks one would get from a passerby for posing or taking multiple jump shots!

quarry bay houses
quarry bay instagram locatio

I would definitely recommend visiting Quarry Bay at night or early in the morning when the lighting is favourable.
Visiting this spot in the middle of day or when the sun was about to set made for very grey and dull-er looking photos.

Still, it's definitely worth a visit. Especially since it is a more accessible location.
Also, what you see on pictures is really what you get. You really have to strain your neck just to look to the top of these old apartment buildings.

I love re-visiting old places just to go to places like these. Do away with the popular places like Victoria Harbour and The Peak. Take a bus ride to the edge of Hong Kong island, or go hunting for street art. It makes for a more exciting memory.

It might seem pretty ridiculous traveling to places for a nice photograph or for Instagram, but we all want nice photographs as keepsakes - it's definitely the cheapest form of a souvenir. So technically, there is no harm in going off the beaten path for this reason right?

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