Suspension Crossing

7 January 2016 Japan

Crossing a suspension bridge in japan

Apart from that one time I para-glided in Switzerland (one of the BEST in 2015) and discounting plane rides, this is the closest I've gotten to being suspended in mid air.
Some people have the fear of heights and don't enjoy the feeling of their feet hundred meters above ground, but by some odd way, I kind of find that extremely thrilling. Which can explain why sky diving is number one on my bucket list!

suspension bridge architecture in japan

What I Wore
Cardigan - Primark | Top - The Box | Skirt - | Tights - Uniqlo | Boots - Timberland

Susepension bridge with  mountains and terrain
Nature and landscape View from suspension bridge in japan

Of course judging by the number of reinforcements, you could probably guess that the bridge was extremely sturdy, and despite the perforated flooring in the middle, wasn't scary at all. The view up on the bridge was fantastic. We got and unobstructed view of the the autumn trees, mountains and different terrains.

The strong winds did add to the "shaky" "wobbly" feel of being suspended in air. And since I tear at the slight gust of wind, was having blurry vision the whole time.

Rods and metal of suspension bridge in japan

Nothing beats a good view on a nice windy chilled day. And going on a road trip is probably one of the best ways to find stops and gems like this along the way.

Of course, being an engineering student meant that I was talking to Jerald the whole time on the concept of redundancy in safety and other engineering concepts which, as you can tell from the number of pictures of me, he was barely interested and clearly not listening.

Crossing a suspension bridge and nature views in japan
Suspension bridge architecture and engineering details in japan

Suspension bridges like these are definitely a safe way for those who wanna slowly get over their fear of heights, plus with a view like that to take your mind off it, it would not be as scary!

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