Top 5 Food in Seoul, South Korea

4 October 2016 Seoul, South Korea

best of korean food best food in seoul, south korea

To me, traveling and food go hand in hand. There is no way i'd travel and not enjoy local cuisine. No. Way.
Skipping out on food is like a travel sin in my opinion. I mean, its food! How could one miss out on food? Right?

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Food in Korea is definitely one of those you don't want to be skipping out on. I've never classified myself to be a Korean food lover. Heck, before I went to korea, I never touched the kimchi side dish that came with korean food. That's because I have never tried KOREAN FOOD IN KOREA. I've previously mentioned my favourite food place in Jeju - seriously it's THE BEST, and SO AFFORDABLE. But, if you're not heading to Jeju, Seoul has just as impressive and affordable food options!

best food in seoul, south korea dong dae mun seaweed soup korea

best food in seoul, south korea

I would say my favourite food dish in Seoul has to be its KOREAN BBQ. I cannot even begin to emphasize how much I love barbecue, and korean bbq, where the staff cooks the food for you, takes barbecuing to a whole new level!

Here's a collation of the top 5 favourite food items I tried in Korea

1 | Mugyodong Bugeokukjib

A humble fish base soup store, that serves 1 thing for dinner. There is no ordering needed, just enter, sit down and food would be served. It was THE BEST dinner I had in Seoul.

amazing fish soup store in seoul best food in seoul, south korea, cheap and affordable food in korea
cheap and affordable food, best food in seoul, south korea

2 | Yoogane Dakgalbi

Spicy chicken and cabbage dish. I don't really know what it is or how it's made, all i know is, it was TASTY and i'm craving it just thinking about it!
Plus, it's located in Hongdae which means it's either the perfect mid day pit stop, or the right way to fuel your body for a full day of shopping!

3 | Maple Tree House Korean BBQ

Awesome service, although a tad bit pricier. I'd say the BBQ in Jeju is better, but the variety in Seoul is way more impressive.
Check out the video below for the best way to eat a cabbage wrap!

4 | Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

Located at the heart of seoul, this place serves a huge bowl of chicken soup, with sticky rice inside. A delicious meal to end a day!

image of restaurant and food korean ginseng chicken soup in seoul korea


I do not need to further emphasize the importance of trying street food in Korea. It is some of the best out there. For more street food shots, check out this video below. It's a full compilation of my food adventures in Seoul, Korea! :)

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