The French have an awesome work life balance, so shops usually close on Sundays: shops including the supermarkets!! Everything in the area I live in (same can be said for the rest of Paris) is pretty much closed - give or take a few asian food shops.
Since the family wanted to go to the Chauteux de Versailles, we hopped on to one of the Grand Lignes in Gare Montparnasse and headed for Versailles.

Exiting from the station of Versailles, we see a small-town like area, with streets lined with mini bars and food shops. 
This area surprisingly had very few people. It was as if we were transported into a quiet old town in the countryside with a population of like 30. Hahaha!

We had no map, no nothing so we just followed the street signs, and then the number of people started increasing as we were walking, and we knew we were heading in the right direction.
Walk towards the crowd and you'd be right on track!

After walking for a couple of minutes, we were faced with the massive grand castle with WONDERFUL Architecture.

The castle is beautiful. This picture (and those below) are just UNABLE to do justice to it. Its massiveness is just. wow. You'd be in awe if you saw it in real life.

Typical sight in famous tourist attractions. They had an exhibition of old antique cars and a private event at the square right outside of the castle, and here's a pro taking a shot of some strangers on one of the cars, and the famous Louis XV's statue in the background. Felt inferior with my iPhone and selfie stick at that moment.

Behold the Golden Gates! Many failed jump shots were attempted here. We gave up after probably 20 tries and went through the gates.

And Viola. We had to try another 200x to get a nice shot. This is one of the less fail ones. Somehow Zara and I just fail at coordinating to 123, but it turned out okay... Acceptable-ish!

Close ups of the statues!

The Hall of Mirrors. For the narcissist haha!

It was magnificent inside the castle. Its hard to imagine owning everything there, such wealth. It unfathomable. Its amazing how the ceilings of roofs are all painted differently, and the decoration of each room coordinated from bed sheets to wallpaper to furniture. It was creepy, interesting and enviable all at the same time.

My favourite part of the castle. The Arcades. It exude a serenity that was a stark contrast to the massive crowd attempting to get a picture with it (it was cordoned off). I found the contrast really amusing to be honest. Nevertheless, just looking at this picture makes me feel as though my world is at peace.

After Exiting the castle, we went to the garden behind the palace, linking to Marie-Antoinette's Estate, where she fled to during an attack. (OK I'm not very familiar with the history, but yeah, after the passing of Louis XIV, and somewhere before/during the reign of Louis XV, Marie-Antoinette's Estate was built if I'm not wrong. Don't quote me on this.)

Here's Zara being a monkey. 

The Garden outside the Palaces of Versailles was HUGE. MASSIVE. VAST. I was wondering the whole time, what do people in the time of Louis XV do in the garden. Did they just walk? People could die there and nobody would have known. And what if the king was somewhere, and they needed him urgently? How would his magistrates/dukes known where to find him. He didn't have a phone. How did they deal with emergencies? They probably rode horses...? Did they have the soldiers comb through the castle to find the King? Turns out Huan Zhu Ge Ge didn't do a good job educating me on this. I swear I'm not weird.

- My phone died when we headed to Marie Antoinette's Estate, so pictures on FB from my sister's Iphone-

Anyway, Marie-Antoinette's Estate, as expected was not as grand. Like duh, he had to run away from the Main Palace.

After Visiting all the attractions in the area, we chanced upon this beautiful small vintage greenhouse looking stall. Couldn't resist going in, and I was glad I did. Found post cards written by lovers dating back to 1930s maybe even earlier. :)

I find it cool reading about old love stories between lovers in the past who had to write letters. I would form the characters in my head imagine they were in some form of a secret long distance relationship.  I am NOT weird. I swear. Hahaha!

The trip to Versailles is something not to be missed. I got judged by some Parisians who went "why do all asians want to go to versailles?!" we don't have such palaces/castles with painted ceilings, with gold plated muriel edges, and huge ass gardens with colourful flowers and a temperature of 20degrees thats why. Hahah! I loved it there. If i could, i'd bring everyone who came to Paris to visit me to Versailles.

The Grandeur of Versailles

28 June 2014 Versailles, France

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